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Israeli police fatally shoot Palestinian man in Jerusalem s Old City, further stoking tensions  13h55 30 mai
Steve Hendrix
Reports say officers mistakenly thought the man, who was autistic and on his way to a school for students with disabilities, was armed.
Palestinian leader cuts ties with Israel over annexation plans. His own people feel the pinch.  11h00 30 mai
Steve Hendrix
The announcement by Abbas makes it harder for some West Bankers to travel to Israel for work and medical care.
Pentagon accuses Moscow of sending fighter jets to back Libyan warlord  18h45 26 mai
Sudarsan Raghavan
The U.S. Africa Command said the warplanes will support Russian mercenaries backing Khalifa Hifter, who has suffered a series of military setbacks.
Syria s Assad is confronting the toughest challenges of the 9-year war  00h10 26 mai
Liz Sly
A feud within Assad s family, a collapsing economy and strains with Russia expose his regime s fragility.
Netanyahu s corruption trial opens with a sitting Israeli premier in the dock for the first time  14h19 24 mai
Ruth Eglash
The combative prime minister has refused to step down during three years of investigation.
As tankers head toward the Caribbean, growing Iran-Venezuela ties draw U.S. concern  23h20 23 mai
Anthony Faiola
Iran is warning of a looming confrontation with the United States. U.S. officials are downplaying talk of military action.
This couple went on a honeymoon. Then the coronavirus hit, and they couldn t get home.   20h45 23 mai
Miriam Berger
The pandemic has left these Egyptian newlyweds who are residents of Dubai stuck on a perpetual honeymoon in the Maldives.
As military power shifts in Libya, Turkey and Russia control country s fate  16h32 23 mai
Sudarsan Raghavan
Turkish support for a U.N.-backed government pushed back warlord Khalifa Hifter, whose allies include Moscow.
Sons of Jamal Khashoggi forgive his killers, clearing path for official pardons  13h20 22 mai
Kareem Fahim
Khashoggi s fiancee, Hatice Cengiz, criticized the family statement, saying that no one has the right to pardon his killers.
Saudi Arabia, other gulf states reimpose strict measures after coronavirus cases spike during Ramadan  16h42 20 mai
Sarah Dadouch
Some Persian Gulf Arab countries had relaxed restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic during the holy month, when practicing Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset and tend to crowd restaurants from dusk until daybreak.
Israeli court finds Jewish extremist guilty of murdering Palestinian family  11h34 18 mai
Ruth Eglash
The 2015 arson attack in the West Bank village of Duma left three members of one family dead, including a toddler.
After three elections and political deadlock, Israel finally swears in new government  14h08 17 mai
Ruth Eglash
Israel will have a rotating leadership headed first by Benjamin Netanyahu and then Benny Gantz.
Lebanese are despairing over their next meal as the economic crisis worsens  10h00 17 mai
Sarah Dadouch
Steep inflation is putting the price of many foods out of reach.
Iran s clerics have bungled their coronavirus response, stoking doubts about their rule  13h00 16 mai
Erin Cunningham
Religious leaders have resisted quarantines, balked at closing shrines and peddled bogus panaceas.
In Yemen, deaths with coronavirus-like symptoms spike as hospitals shut down  21h58 14 mai
Sudarsan Raghavan
Hundreds have died in the past week, suggesting the number of infected far exceeds official figures.