Washington Post : Africa
South Sudan forges unity government’ in bid to end civil war that has killed 400,000  14h02 22 février
Max Bearak
Coming after intense international pressure, the move is seen as a the most serious chance yet at ending years of war.
Al-Qaeda and Islamic State groups are working together in West Africa to grab large swaths of territory  13h00 22 février
Danielle Paquette
U.S. and West African officials warn the partnership could grow into a global threat.
Promising true liberation,’ Pompeo contrasts U.S. role in Africa with China’s  11h58 19 février
Max Bearak
Experts warn, however, that side-by-side comparisons with China are a losing game for the United States.
A disaster in Syria as Russia and Turkey clash  05h00 19 février
Ishaan Tharoor
The U.N. warns that the world is facing the biggest humanitarian horror story of the 21st century.
Pompeo touts economic ties in Africa amid tension over visas, security assistance  16h08 16 février
Borso Tall
The secretary of state is the first U.S. Cabinet official to visit sub-Saharan Africa in 19 months.
While coronavirus surges, the Ebola outbreak in Congo finally wanes  12h09 14 février
Max Bearak
Only one line of transmission likely remains active in the outbreak zone.
Hundreds of billions of locusts fueled by conflict and climate change are swarming East Africa  20h12 12 février
Max Bearak
The pests have triggered fears of a major humanitarian crisis in a region where 19 million people already face high levels of food insecurity.
Sudan official signals alleged war criminals will be referred to International Criminal Court  21h29 11 février
Max Bearak
Although he was not named, former leader Omar Hassan al-Bashir would be included in the group.
In good and bad times’: Africa’s biggest airline, Ethiopian, sticks by China’s si  09h43 09 février
Max Bearak
The airline flies to China 17 times a week, bringing thousands of people from China to Africa.
Botswana auctions licenses to hunt 70 elephants in effort to reduce conflict with humans  16h02 07 février
Max Bearak
A law overturning a hunting ban last year came under a government more hostile to conservation.
Trump says free-trade pact with Kenya will probably’ happen a first for sub-Saharan Africa  12h03 07 février
Max Bearak
The United States has sought to counter China’s growing economic influence in Africa.
Africa has 1.2 billion people and only six labs that can test for coronavirus. How quickly can they ramp up?  10h00 06 février
Danielle Paquette
Countries are making efforts to block the contagion as testing capacity grows.
He yearns to escape war. His best shot: Dancing to stardom.  11h05 05 février
Danielle Paquette
An 18-year-old who has lived as a refugee for the past eight years seeks a way out.
Trump scapegoats almost a quarter of Africa’s population  05h00 05 février
Ishaan Tharoor
The latest set of countries targeted by travel bans include Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation and biggest economy.
Daniel arap Moi, former Kenyan president who ruled with iron fist, dies at 95  04h27 04 février
Yamiche Alcindor
He positioned himself as an American Cold War ally against communism in Africa.