The Washington Post : Europe
On the Black Sea, Georgia rebrands as a holiday haven from the pandemic  11h00 30 mai
Isabelle Khurshudyan
With fewer than 800 confirmed cases, Georgia tests new reality of tourism with select nations on the guest list.
Europeans emerging from coronavirus lockdowns find a conspicuous absence of Americans  19h16 29 mai
Chico Harlan
Travel restrictions have created more distance between America and Europe than at any point since the dawn of commercial air travel.
Germany, borrowing from Trump, says it wants to make Europe strong again   13h50 29 mai
Michael Birnbaum
There was no word on whether the new slogan Together. Making Europe Strong Again would go on red hats.
Four-star quarantine: At a Milan hotel, guests don t get room keys  13h07 29 mai
Chico Harlan
The Hotel Michelangelo is dedicated to keeping people apart.
Cheburashka was the beloved misfit of Soviet animation. It s now a missing treasure for Russia.  11h00 29 mai
Robyn Dixon
Russia lost the rights to Cheburashka to a Japanese studio. It wants them back.
In Russia s pandemic struggles, even Putin couldn t speed bonuses to health workers  16h32 27 mai
Robyn Dixon
The country has the third-largest number of confirmed covid-19 cases, but its counting system raises question about relatively low death rates.
E.U. proposes 825 billion coronavirus rescue plan giving Brussels power to raise money for first time  15h28 27 mai
Michael Birnbaum
Some are calling this Europe s Hamiltonian moment.
The Cummings scandal shows the gap between the U.S. and U.K.  04h00 27 mai
Ishaan Tharoor
A scandal rocking Britain would ruffle few feathers in Trumps America.
Italian nightlife comes raging back, and some politicians are alarmed  19h31 25 mai
Chico Harlan
People were drawn outdoors by perfect weather and a celebratory post-lockdown mood.
While U.S. struggles to roll out coronavirus contact tracing, Germany has been doing it from the start  09h00 25 mai
Loveday Morris
The German model is surprisingly low-tech.
Boris Johnson wants to reopen Britain s schools in a week. Parents, teachers and local officials are pushing back.  18h55 24 mai
William Booth
Johnson s government is looking to Germany, Denmark and New Zealand. But Britain has been hit much harder by the coronavirus.
With masks and sanitized hands, Italian Catholics return to church  15h59 24 mai
Chico Harlan
In one of the world s most Catholic countries, churches celebrated the first Sunday Mass since the arrival of the coronavirus with plenty of new rules.
Boris Johnson s top aide accused of violating quarantine with 260-mile road trip  20h58 23 mai
William Booth
Critics in Britain say government officials set coronavirus rules that they themselves don t follow.
Germany s Bundesliga soccer has a model for how sports can return amid coronavirus. The world is watching.  12h15 23 mai
Loveday Morris
There are questions about whether the season can stay safe and fair.
Belarus just ordered U.S. oil for the first time. It was a message to Russia.  10h00 22 mai
Isabelle Khurshudyan
Moscow and Minsk used to be close allies, but some cracks have emerged.