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The Development Of Bayonetta 3 Is Progressing Smoothly   03h40 24 février
Gavin Sheehan
For those who may be curious about what the development process for Bayonetta 3 is like these days, we got some good news. It’s going fine. In a brief interview with Ryokutya2089, Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba discussed how things are going with the game. A few different sites...
Saber Interactive Has Been Acquired By THQ Nordic’s Parent Company  01h40 24 février
Gavin Sheehan
Interesting news this week from Saber Interactive as the company has been bought out and acquired by THQ Nordic’s parent company, Embracer Group. The announcement was quietly made last week, as the parent company promoted it on their company news blog. While most of the details are unknown about...
Newly Revealed Stats Show Most Mass Effect Players Chose Paragon  00h40 24 février
Gavin Sheehan
Apparently, more of you out there are good rather than evil. At least, that’s what the statistics of Mass Effect say from a recent brief reveal. If you’re not familiar with the concept in Mass Effect, one of the many choices at your disposal is that you can choose an alignment of sorts. You can [&]...
Baldur’s Gate 3 Will Be Coming To Steam’s Early Access This Yea  23h40 23 février
Gavin Sheehan
A small bit of news leaked out from the New York Toy Fair as we now have learned Baldur’s Gate 3 will be coming to Steam’s Early Access. The news came from DOS Gaming, who reports that during an investor meeting at the event, Hasbro announced that the game would be released to the platform’s [&]...
Apex Legends Players Call Out Fortnite For Copying Loot Vault  21h40 23 février
Gavin Sheehan
Apex Legends fans aren’t too happy with Epic Games this week as Fortnite’s Season 2 of Chapter 2 has copied one of the game’s hallmark additions. Last week, the company finally launches Season 2 with a new spy theme going for it, and with it came a number of new additions to the game. One [&] The...
Boston’s Mayor Asks Sony To Reconsider Pulling From PAX East  20h40 23 février
Gavin Sheehan
The mayor of Boston is pulling one most last-ditch effort to get Sony to be at PAX East as he asks the company to reconsider pulling from the event. According to WCVB, Mayor Marty Walsh has sent a letter to Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony’s President and CEO, asking them to return to the convention next...
Activision Files DMCA Against Reddit For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak  19h40 23 février
Gavin Sheehan
Activison isn’t taking the latest Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare leak lightly as the company has filed a DMCA against Reddit over the situation. The Hollywood Reporter picked up the filing, in which the company is calling on the social discussion site to identify alleged infringers who posted the...
Bethesda Softworks Pulls Most Of Its Games From GeForce Now  18h40 23 février
Gavin Sheehan
Something odd happened this past week with Bethesda Softworks, as fans noticed the company pulled most of their library from GeForce Now. The NVIDIA cloud-based gaming service posted this notice on their forums, which simply says Please be advised most Bethesda Softworks titles will be removed...
Marvel’s Avengers Has One Of Its Villains Reveale  17h40 23 février
Gavin Sheehan
We now know one of the villains that will be appearing in Square Enix’s upcoming game Marvel’s Avengers, all thanks to the New York Toy Fair. During the event, which we have been doing live updates for on our website, there have been a TON of reveals from basically every IP under the sun. Basically...
Ruiner Is Headed To The Nintendo Switch In 202  16h40 23 février
Gavin Sheehan
Devolver Digital announced this week that they would be bringing the cyberpunk game Ruiner to the Nintendo Switch this year. The news came from the game’s official Twitter account in which they basically did a little binary reveal of sorts. The action shooter title will put you in the middle of,...