Daily eSports : Starcraft
StarCraft II WCS Global Semifinals: Reynor and Dark emerge on top  01h26 03 novembre
Alexandra Tremblay
BlizzCon’s StarCraft II WCS Global Finals are underway. The quarterfinals were action-packed, and the WCS semifinals were just as exciting. It was Joona Serral Sotala versus Riccardo Reynor Romiti and Kim Classic Doh Woo versus Park Dark Ryung Woo to decide who among them would battle in...
StarCraft II WCS Global Quarterfinals: Classic and Dark triumph  00h21 03 novembre
Alexandra Tremblay
As part of BlizzCon, the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals are underway, with the quarterfinals bringing plenty of action all by themselves. We talked about the victories of Joona Serral Sotala and Riccardo Reynor Romiti already. Now let’s look at Kim Classic Doh Woo vs. Lee Rogue Byung Ryul...
StarCraft II WCS Global Quarterfinals: Serral and Reynor advance  23h29 02 novembre
Alexandra Tremblay
As part of BlizzCon, the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals are underway, with the quarterfinals bringing plenty of action all by themselves. Let’s start by talking about Joona Serral Sotala versus Eo soO Yoon Soo and Riccardo Reynor Romiti versus Cho Trap Sung Ho. StarCraft II WCS Global...
Starcraft community mainstay Geoff iNcontroL Robinson dead at 33  00h11 23 juillet
Asen Aleksandrov
Over the weekend, the Starcraft community lost one of its most prolific and beloved figures. Professional caster and former professional player Geoff iNcontroL Robinson passed away on July 20. The announcement was made on his official Twitter account. It states the cause of death was a sudden...
DeepMind AI is joining Starcraft II players on ladder  15h02 11 juillet
Asen Aleksandrov
Blizzard announced on July 10 that DeepMind’s Starcraft II AI AlphaStar will be playing ladder matches against human players. AlphaStar is joining the ladder for a limited time to help DeepMind researchers develop new insights into AI. The AI will remain on ladder for a series of blind trial...
Carbot Animations releases StarCraft: Cartooned as StarCraft DLC  18h59 10 juillet
Brennan Retzer
If you’ve ever been graced with the opportunity to watch the animated series StarCrafts, then like many viewers you may have had fantasies of using adorable Zerglings and Derpfestors to tear up your opponent’s army and ego. With the release of StarCraft: Cartooned as StarCraft: Remastered DLC, you...
The Global StarCraft II League returns for 2019’s second season  18h20 28 avril
Xander Teunissen
This Monday AfreecaTV’s Global StarCraft II League (GSL) will make its return for the second season of the year. It may seems like only last week that we finished the GSL Super Tournament, and in fact, it was. But StarCraft waits for no one, and there are new battles to be had. Like any good...
StarCraft II WCS 2019: Changes to WCS Spring and WCS Finals  22h13 26 avril
Brennan Retzer
After player feedback, the StarCraft II WCS Spring is receiving some changes. WCS Spring will now include a knockout bracket. The tournament will still include three group stages but now will include a lower knockout bracket. The lower bracket consists of players who have been knocked out in the...
Classic defeats GuMiho for GSL Super Tournament win  16h11 22 avril
Xander Teunissen
It was not a day for miracles, we wrote just a few days ago in our coverage of his defeat at the hands of Maru during the GSL Season 1 finals. Yet in his second finals of the week, Protoss-veteran Kim Classic Doh Woo finally found his, winning AfreecaTV’s first GSL Super Tournament of 2019. The...
Maru wins GSL, denies Classic a last championship before retiring  14h00 15 avril
Lucas Chillerón
Yesterday was not a day for miracles. This past April 14, the finals of the 2019 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 took place. They put Kim Classic Do-woo and Cho Maru Seong-joo up against each other in a matchup that was poised to be legendary, but it was Maru who walked away the GSL...
WESG 2018: The good, the bad, and StarCraft II’s newest rivalry  15h55 18 mars
Tyler Solley
WESG 2018-2019 has concluded for StarCraft II. The event took place this year in Chongqing, China, once again giving Western viewers a tough schedule to follow. The StarCraft II community knows WESG for being a mixed bag. The tournament offers a strong prize pool and amazing talent, but production...
IEM Katowice Finals soO crushes years-long curse  20h30 09 mars
Tyler Solley
IEM Katowice is known by StarCraft II fans everywhere as the title’s premiere event, second only to BlizzCon. This year’s audience was treated to countless upsets, a new meta, and one very epic ending. In the beginning, all eyes were on tournament favorites Joona Serral Sotala of ENCE and Cho ...