Olive oil times
Bill Aims to Protect Made in California’ Brand  19h29 17 février
Julie Al-Zoubi
A proposed bill would prevent consumers from being misled into buying ’California’ olive oils that are actually from somewhere else.
Olive Oil Promotions Boost Retailers’ Sales, but With a Hidden Cost  14h33 17 février
Paolo DeAndreis
Using extra virgin olive oil as a loss-leader allows food retailers to draw customers in a challenging economy, but the olive growers and mills are the ones paying the price.
No New US Tariffs on Spanish Olive Oil Imports  12h57 17 février
Daniel Dawson
The United States Trade Representative decided not to add new tariffs to Spanish packaged and bulk olive oil imports. The USTR will revise the list once again in August.
US Tariffs on Italian Olive Oil Will Not Rise, for Now  13h31 16 février
Paolo DeAndreis
Italians applaud the decision while U.S. trade officials warn that a future review could involve products that were not included this time.
Quality Controls in Europe Need Improvement, Study Finds  14h41 14 février
Costas Vasilopoulos
Virgin olive oil promoted as extra virgin is a common infringement in the E.U., a new study found.
Hallowed Olive Oil Helps Neighbors in Need  14h05 14 février
Paolo DeAndreis
A community in Italy comes together to celebrate olive trees and raise funds for charity.
Production in Spain Lower than Anticipated  14h47 12 février
Daniel Dawson
The latest harvest data suggests Spain will produce less than one million tons of olive oil, a significant decrease from last autumn’s estimates.
Spain’s Olive Oil Sector Calls for More Protests  14h38 12 février
Daniel Dawson
Five of the country’s main agricultural organizations plan to occupy town squares across the province of Jaén, demanding higher prices for olive oil and more support for traditional groves.
Third Tender for Storage Aid Concludes, EU Calls for Patience  14h26 12 février
Costas Vasilopoulos
With 171,000 tons of olive oil removed from the market with no significant effect on olive oil prices, the European Commission said it expects results in due course.
Italian Producers Shortchanged in EU Funding  13h41 12 février
Paolo DeAndreis
Italian farmers say recent rounds of funding were directed mainly to their competitors in Spain, Greece and Portugal.
Obesity a Looming Epidemic’ in Developing Countries, World Bank Says  20h10 10 février
Costas Vasilopoulos
Poor nutritional habits and reduced physical activity are the main reasons for high obesity rates.
Head of Leading Spanish Table Olive Producer Wins Gender Equality Award  13h06 10 février
Daniel Dawson
Blanca Torrent was recognized for the gender equality policy at Torrent Olives and her work advocating for women in agribusiness.
Italy’s Olive Oil Competitiveness Hindered by Aging Groves  17h13 07 février
Paolo DeAndreis
With higher costs and lower yields than modern olive oil farms, quality alone may not be enough to protect Italy’s smaller producers in a fast-changing international market.
Major Spanish Producer Acesur Announces New Facility in Virginia  20h37 06 février
Zach Lisabeth
The major Spanish producer Acesur says it will bring 11 million in investment and 29 new jobs to Suffolk, Virginia.
Amid Protests, Spain’s Agriculture Minister Pledges Support to Farmers  16h35 06 février
Daniel Dawson
Luis Planas has announced a number of measures aimed at helping producers cope with low prices and increasing production costs. He also met with olive oil producers to discuss self-regulation.