Mike Trout rips MLB for Astros cheating scandal, said he ’lost respect’ for players  23h06 17 février
Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout has joined the list of Major League Baseball players criticizing the league for how it handled the Houston Astros cheating scandal.
Police drone finds blind man in the woods after he went missing for 33 hours  21h45 17 février
A 62-year-old blind man was found in the woods by a police drone on Saturday after he went missing for about 33 hours, a Connecticut police department said.
More than 75 years later, California will apologize for mistreating Japanese Americans  21h45 17 février
On February 19, 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave the Secretary of War the authority to evacuate to designated military areas anyone deemed a US security threat.
NYPD confirms detective dead by suicide  02h04 18 février
A New York Police Department detective died by suicide in Queens on Monday, the NYPD said.
Barr ordered re-examination of Flynn’s case  23h20 14 février
Attorney General William Barr is ordering a re-examination of several high-profile cases, including that of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, US officials briefed on the matter say, in a move that could bring fresh scrutiny of the political motives behind actions at the Justice...
Kobach courts Trump as Senate GOP frets over Kansas seat  14h06 15 février
Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are fearful that the conservative hardliner Kris Kobach could cost them a crucial Senate seat in Kansas and potentially their narrow majority -- and are eager to find a way to defeat him in a hotly contested primary.
Washington Post: Feds advanced Giuliani investigation as impeachment wrapped  01h44 15 février
Federal prosecutors in New York have advanced their investigation into President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, pursuing more documents and witness testimonies while the Justice Department simultaneously accepts information from the former New York mayor on Ukraine, according to...
World must ’wake up to the challenges presented by China,’ says Defense Secretary  11h59 15 février
Defense Secretary Mark Esper called on the international community to wake up to the challenges presented by China, telling an audience of world leaders and top policymakers on Saturday that America’s concerns about China should also be Europe’s concerns.
GM is killing off an iconic 160-year-old brand   11h10 17 février
General Motors is killing off the iconic Holden brand and pulling out of Australia and New Zealand, the latest in a series of moves to shrink the US carmaker’s global presence as it ramps up investments in electric and autonomous vehicles.
Two train giants just teamed up to take on China  17h59 17 février
Alstom is pursuing a huge deal that could help it counter a growing threat from a Chinese rival.
These apps are changing the way we talk about money   13h03 18 février
People still don’t like to talk about money, especially their own.
D.C.’s Chief Medical Examiner is also a minister  00h00 01 janvier
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