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Louvre reopens after pension reform strikers block entry  11h31 18 janvier
The Louvre in Paris, the world’s most visited museum, has reopened after being shut down by workers striking over government plans to overhaul France’s pension system.
Bolivia’s power vacuum  08h18 18 janvier
This week on The Sound Kitchen, you’ll hear the answer to the question about Bolivia’s ex-president and vice-president. There’s listener news, great music - and of course, the new quiz question. Just click on the Listen arrow above and enjoy
Asa unpicks many faces of love on new album Lucid  20h54 17 janvier
On her latest album Lucid, Nigerian singer-songwriter Asa explores the many colours of love: warm, dark, brilliant, somber, the joy, the longing, the wanting. But also the violence that can seep into a relationship and destroy lives.
French director of ’Amelie’ signs up for project with Netflix  17h16 17 janvier
The maker of the quirky French hit Amelie is shooting a new film for Netflix, the streaming giant revealed Friday.
Son of J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings creator, dies in France  14h26 17 janvier
Christopher Tolkien, the son of J. R. R. Tolkien who was responsible for publishing many of his father’s works, has died aged 95, the Tolkien Society said. He had been living in France since the 1970s.
Spike Lee to head jury at 2020 Cannes Film Festival  14h49 14 janvier
American director Spike Lee has been named to head the 2020 Cannes film festival jury, becoming the first black person to do so in the history of the world’s biggest film festival.
Australian singer-songwriter Francesca de Valence surfs musical wave in Paris  13h28 11 janvier
Francesca de Valence is an award-winning songwriter and artist from Brisbane, Australia. She has a special connection to France through her family and comes to Paris regularly for inspiration.
The ’Tweeting Diplomat’  11h34 11 janvier
This week on The Sound Kitchen, you’ll hear the answer to the question about the French diplomat whose nickname was the Tweeting Diplomat . There’s your New Year’s greetings, listener news, great music - and of course, the new quiz question. Just click on the Listen arrow above and enjoy
Paris mayor and David Bowie fan to name street after the music icon  11h16 11 janvier
A Paris street will soon be named after British rock star David Bowie who died four years ago on 10 January, 2016.
La Mòssa: five women, one voice  17h38 10 janvier
La Mòssa are a five-piece band of female vocalists who excel at polyphonic chant. They’ve just released their debut album A Mòssa and talk to us about reinterpreting folksongs they love in a free and playful way in the spirit of Nina Tirabouchon, a 1920s Italian cabaret artist with hip swing to die...
From Roman feasts to 3D-printing - the story of France’s ’Galette des Rois’  16h57 10 janvier
Every January, French bakeries proudly sell the ’Galette des Rois’, a golden-brown almond pastry associated with Epiphany. The cake has a hidden trinket, and the person who gets the slice with the lucky charm is crowned king for the day.
Paris Live, 9 January 2020  17h18 09 janvier
Today’s edition of Paris Live opens with a closer look into the Carlos Ghosn saga in the wake of his international press conference in Beirut. The former Renault-Nissan boss skipped bail while awaiting trial in Japan for financial misconduct, but what will happen to him now?
Reggae singer Clinton Fearon marks 50 years of career with ’purpose’ [Video]  11h04 08 janvier
Clinton Fearon launched his solo career in 1994, after 18 years singing in the legendary reggae band Gladiators . He is releasing his 12th album, History Say, which showcases music from the African continent.
Life after death: the lasting legacy of Albert Camus  08h55 04 janvier
Albert Camus, one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, died in a car crash on 4 January 1960, aged 46. Sixty years on, RFI speaks to Professor Robert Zaretsky, French history expert at the University of Houston and Camus biographer, about the French-Algerian’s extraordinary legacy.
There’s music in the kitchen (The sixth of many to come )  08h44 04 janvier
This week on The Sound Kitchen, a special treat: RFI English journalists Zeenat Hansrod and Michael Fitzpatrick share their musical favourites with you. Just click on the arrow in the photo above and enjoy