RFI : France
French MPs to tackle thousands of ammendments to pension bill as debate opens  10h59 18 février
Lawmakers in the French parliament on Monday started debating the government’s plan to overhaul the pension system, which has angered much of the opposition, and sparked a historic transport strike in the country. The opposition has vowed to block the plan, and has introduced nearly 40,000...
French town cuts ties with Polish twin that declared itself LGBT-free  10h53 18 février
A Polish mayor on Monday deplored the decision by a sister town in France to suspend 25-year official ties with her town because it declared itself an area free of LGBT ideology.
Paris Live, Monday 17 February 2020  15h55 17 février
In today’s edition of Paris Live, we open with an update on the coronavirus - Covid-19, which has now claimed over 1700 lives. China has now handed the management of the epidemic over to the military, headed by an expert with experience from the Ebola crisis in Africa.
French opposition parties vow to torpedo Macron’s pension reforms in parliament  14h00 17 février
The battle over the French government’s pension reforms moved from the street to parliament on Monday, with the opposition vowing to torpedo an overhaul that sparked weeks of strikes and protests.
Equatorial Guinea accuses France of an attack on its dignity’ over seized property  12h16 17 février
Equatorial Guinea on Monday accused France of an attack on its dignity when it seized an upmarket Paris property in a 2012 raid, insisting the luxury home was protected under international law.
Buzyn’s tears raise doubts over Paris City Hall race  11h02 17 février
The newly-designated LREM candidate for Mayor of Paris, Agnès Buzyn, sobbed throughout her speech as she handed over the job of Health and Solidarity Minister to her successor Olivier Véran.
Is Griveaux sex tape part of a wider conspiracy?  10h15 17 février
Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski, who has claimed to have put online intimate videos that prompted Benjamin Griveaux to give up his bid to run for mayor of Paris, was undoubtedly helped, the government spokeswoman said on Monday.
France and Britain battered by Dennis as danger to life’ warning is issued  09h51 17 février
Britain on Monday began to clear up after Storm Dennis battered the country over the weekend, leading the government’s weather agency to issue a rare danger to life warning amid widespread flooding and high winds.
Health minister to run for mayor of Paris after sex tape release forces Griveaux out  15h32 16 février
French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said Sunday she had been chosen by the ruling party to run for mayor of Paris, replacing Benjamin Griveaux, the candidate toppled by a leaked sex video.
Russian artist and girlfriend arrested in Griveaux sex tape investigation  13h47 16 février
The Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski and his girlfriend have both been arrested as part of the on-going investigation into the publication of an intimate sex video involving Benjamin Griveaux, President Emmanuel Macron’s chosen candidate for the post of Paris mayor.
France warns of bloody, bitter Brexit battle with Brits  12h47 16 février
France has warned Britain to expect a bitter, bloody battle in Brexit trade talks with the European Union, saying the two sides would rip each other apart .
Protesters organise to protect endangered lynx in French Vosges after shooting  12h28 16 février
More than 300 people gathered for a peaceful demonstration in Saint-Amarin, in the east of France on Saturday. They were protesting against lynx poaching after one of the animals was shot in the Ballon des Vosges in the middle of January.
Girlfriend of Russian artist who released Griveaux sex tape arrested  10h47 16 février
The girlfriend of the Russian artist Piotr Pavlensky was taken into custody Saturday night, suspected of having participated in the invasion of privacy .
NATO chief dismisses Macron nuclear strategy call  10h26 16 février
The head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has dismissed French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for a European strategic dialogue about the role of France in the security alliance, saying a tried and tested deterrent is already in place.
Macon’s pension reform plans on slippery slope as ski resort workers strike  13h10 15 février
French protests at planned labour reforms reached ski resorts on Saturday, with chairlift operators and other seasonal staff downing tools over fears their livelihoods could be on a slippery slope.