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16 Effective Onboarding Practices For Your New Tech Hire  13h15 21 février
Editors, Forbes Technology Council, CommunityVoice
Tech departments move incredibly fast, so it’s important for new hires to get up to speed as soon as possible.
11 Ways Your Tech Company Can Build Trust Around Data Use  18h15 20 février
Editors, Forbes Technology Council, CommunityVoice
As a tech company, building trust with your customers regarding personal data use is pivotal.
Levels And Limits Of AI  15h30 19 février
Konstantine Buhler, Contributor
Not all AI is the same. Accelerated AI makes what you do faster. Augmented AI makes it better. And Automated AI does it for you. But when each level of AI becomes feasible is a function of the underlying problem’s difficulty, which is why I introduce the concept of an AI Feasibility Curve.
Merck’s Chief Information And Digital Officer Named CIDO Of Marriott International  15h18 19 février
Peter High, Contributor
Jim Scholefield has been named Chief Information and Digital Officer at Marriott International. He will be responsible for leading all aspects of the company’s information technology and digital strategies. He joins Marriott from Merck, where he was the Chief Information and Digital Officer.
13 Cloud-Based Services Every Tech Department Should Invest In  13h15 19 février
Editors, Forbes Technology Council, CommunityVoice
The cloud can save companies time, money and frustration and offer more flexibility for employees to access data remotely.
5G Giant Nokia Scraps CIO Role, Reshuffles Tech Leadership  20h00 18 février
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff
Nokia, a rival to China’s Huawei, has eliminated the CIO role held by Ursula Soritsch-Renier and switched responsibility for IT to Bhaskar Gorti, the head of Nokia’s software unit, to speed up its digital transformation plans.
Nick Colisto Has Avery Dennison On The Path To Digital Optimization And Transformation  13h50 18 février
Peter High, Contributor
Avery Dennison CIO Nick Colisto has a clear vision for how digital transformation should add value to enterprises. He explains this in detail in this interview
Are Your Data Security Protocols CCPA-Ready?  12h30 18 février
Ameesh Divatia, CommunityVoice
Gaining greater insight into these queries will help organizations take the appropriate next steps and avoid the dreaded civil action and financial penalties.
The CIO In 2020 And Beyond  12h30 18 février
Jody Shapiro, CommunityVoice
As the caretaker of information in an organization, the modern CIO should have a seat at the business table.
10 Basic And Easy Cybersecurity Steps  12h30 18 février
Michelle Drolet, CommunityVoice
No industry is immune to the growing cost of cybercrime.
Consumer Privacy Takes Priority in 2020  12h00 18 février
Eugenio Pace, CommunityVoice
Here are a few predictions on how this consumer call for action will (and should) be a catalyst for greater privacy, identity protection and security in 2020.
The Rise Of RevOps: Rethinking The Structure Of Modern GTM Teams  12h00 18 février
Bhaskar Roy, CommunityVoice
Marketing and sales may have once been considered departments dominated by creativity and people skills, but today, marketing and sales look much more technical and operational due to the explosion of marketing applications.
Tesla’s Former CIO Is Ready To Unveil His Start-Up: Tekion  14h17 17 février
Peter High, Contributor
Jay Vijayan was the CIO of Tesla until 2016. In that role, he gained invaluable insights into how to rethink the needs of an automotive company. That thinking has led to his founding a company, Tekion, which provides software to benefit the auto companies, the dealers, and customers to the industry.
Smart Leaders Don’t Use Email For The Most Important Things  16h36 15 février
Rob Asghar, Contributor
Organic and slow and local have become ideals in health and nutrition, but not yet in communications. Too many leaders forget that a phone call can avert a war that would erupt over email, or that an in-person meeting can produce the deepest consensus.
12 Tips To Help Shift Your Business To Data-Centric Cybersecurity  13h15 14 février
Editors, Forbes Technology Council, CommunityVoice
Data-centric cybersecurity can offer greater protection for your company’s sensitive data, especially in an era where security breaches are far too common.