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This 62-Year-Old Broke The World Record For Holding A Plank  06h41 24 février
Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor
How long can you hold a plank? Ten seconds? Twenty seconds? A minute? How about 8 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds?
Why We Fail To Reach Goals: Our Brains Begin With One Focus, But Closing The Deal Requires Another, Study Suggests  06h03 24 février
David DiSalvo, Contributor
A new study examines a brain-based disconnect in our decision making that leads to failure, with a takeaway that could give us an edge the next time we pursue a goal.
War Vets With Severe PTSD Find Solace Through Ayahuasca In Documentary From Shock To Awe’  18h04 23 février
David E. Carpenter, Contributor
Military veterans with PTSD discover healing in the psychedelic plant medicine ayahuasca.
Digital Therapeutics Leaders Focus On Reimbursement  16h42 23 février
Greg Licholai, Contributor
CEOs at Digital Therapeutics West conference discuss payment models
What Is The Outlet Challenge’? How It Can Electrocute Or Burn You  15h22 23 février
Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor
When they say that kids need an outlet, this is not what typically is meant.
U.S. Only Nation To Dissociate From Global Declaration On Preventing Road Deaths  13h46 23 février
Carlton Reid, Contributor
The U. S. has refused to sign up to a new declaration on road safety.
Odd-Shaped Parks May Be Better For Health  03h09 23 février
Christine Ro, Contributor
a small number of larger parks will be much better than many small lawn parcels
Sex Does Matter When It Comes To Coronavirus  01h16 23 février
Nina Shapiro, Contributor
As China, more specifically Wuhan in the Hubei Province, has seen the highest number of infections to date worldwide, the epidemiology of these infections has been more robust to analyze.
Sanders Wins In Nevada And Medicare For All’ Lives Another Day  00h52 23 février
Bruce Japsen, Contributor
Sanders won the Nevada caucuses in the same week his Medicare proposal was attacked by several of his rivals for the Democratic party’s nomination for President at a Las Vegas debate.
Fosun, A China Investment Heavyweight, Elevates Drug Exec In Shake-Up As Coronavirus Hits  22h13 22 février
Russell Flannery, Forbes Staff
The coronavirus outbreak has damaged the world’s No. 2 economy, crippled global supply chains, and threatens to wreak even more havoc on business globally.
Dipping Your Testicles In Soy Sauce? How This Started On Social Media  15h50 22 février
Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor
Can you actually taste things with your testicles?
Bear On The Loose In LA Suburb, How To Handle A Bear Encounter  05h02 22 février
Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor
What you should do depends on the type of bear.
A Bad Week For Markets As Coronavirus Threat Returns With A Vengeance  21h35 21 février
Sergei Klebnikov, Forbes Staff
Market fears over the coronavirus sharply resurfaced this week.
In Pain? Mindfulness Can Help  17h25 21 février
Clary Estes, Contributor
Researchers have found that mindfulness can reduce both physical and emotional pain.
CDC Says This Year’s Flu Vaccine Much More Effective Than Last Year  14h37 21 février
Bruce Y. Lee, Contributor
The flu has already caused an estimated 250,000 to 440,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 to 36,000 deaths this season.