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In Crack Down On Cryptocurrency Tax Evasion, IRS Hosts D.C. Policy Summit  05h10 24 février
Jason Brett, Contributor
It has been reported the IRS has invited cryptocurrency companies and advocates to a summit in Washington D.C. on March 3 at its Headquarters.
Investors Are Suddenly Flocking To Safe Haven Assets As The Coronavirus Spreads  03h35 24 février
Steven Ehrlich, Contributor
Ever since the new coronavirus reared its ugly head, the upbeat performance of global equities markets has confounded investors. Now suddenly, there is a rush to safety. Gold reached a 7-year high of over 1660.00 per troy ounce, bonds are surging, and Bitcoin is up 33% in 2020.
Scammers Are Sending Fake Tax Forms To Taxpayers Via Email  21h02 23 février
Kelly Phillips Erb, Contributor
Don’t be fooled: it’s not just Social Security Administration (SSA) scams making the rounds. Tax scam emails are flying fast and furious as well.
Big Win In Public Service Loan Forgiveness Lawsuit  20h42 23 février
Mark Kantrowitz, Contributor
U.S. Department of Education settles public service loan forgiveness lawsuit, a big win for borrowers.
Stock Markets Could Drop Back This Far And Still Be In Up Trends  19h57 23 février
John Navin, Contributor
The simplified beauty of the point-and-figure charting method can dramatically show what’s up with markets.
Market Risk Hits Home  17h54 23 février
Tom Aspray, Contributor
The news last week on the coronavirus appears to have convinced some investors that it may have a greater impact on the economy and stock market then they originally hoped. With bullish sentiment quite high and a historically overbought market what should investors expect?
Researchers Compared Vanguard And Fidelity Funds. Here’s What They Found  17h29 23 février
Simon Moore, Contributor
Researchers at Duke recently assessed 21 comparable funds from Vanguard and Fidelity across multiple attributes. The results may surprise you.
Stocks To Trade In March  15h44 23 février
Bill Sarubbi, Contributor
Here are stocks to trade in March.
Stocks This Week: Sell Short General Dynamics And Incyte And Buy General Electric  15h24 23 février
Bill Sarubbi, Contributor
The current decline is likely to extend into mid-March.
Scammers & Robocallers Are Dialing Up ID Theft Efforts During Tax Season  14h57 23 février
Kelly Phillips Erb, Contributor
An ongoing phone scam from thieves pretending to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is making the rounds this tax season.
Bitcoin’s Guardian Angel; The 50 Biggest Companies In Blockchain  14h00 23 février
Crypto Confidential, Forbes Staff
The companies on the 2020 Blockchain 50 list have largely moved beyond the theoretical benefits of blockchain to generating very real revenues and cost savings.
Why The Bucket Strategy Is The Best For Retirement Withdrawals  13h45 23 février
Larry Light, Contributor
When you take money from your IRA, there are three most-popular methods. The idea is to ensure the money doesn’t run out.
What Millennials, Gen X & Boomers Have In Common But Don’t Admit, Discuss, Nor Plan For  13h30 23 février
Joseph Coughlin, Contributor
Caregiving is a fact of life affecting Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Baby Boomers alike. However, caregiving presents at least three paradoxes in retirement: no one wants it, most providing care don’t even know they are a caregiver, and fewer still ever plan for it as part of their retirement.
This Is The Last Cheap 6% Dividend  13h20 23 février
Michael Foster, Contributor
There’s a way you can buy into today’s healthy real estate market without paying full price.
What Taxes Will I Owe In Retirement?  13h00 23 février
David Rae, Contributor
While it is true you won’t have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on withdrawals from retirement accounts, you will still be subject to income taxes at the state and federal levels.