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The Brazil Tech And Innovation Roundup - Loft Announces Equal Paid Parental Leave  22h11 15 février
Angelica Mari, Contributor
Proptech Loft is the first Brazilian company to offer equal paid parental leave, e-commerce giant Mercado Libre has big plans for Brazil, how coworking spaces united after a massive rainstorm in Sà o Paulo and more.
The Emergence Of TD As A Data-Driven Force In Banking  00h37 12 février
Randy Bean, Contributor
Financial services are an exciting place to be if you are an AI professional these days.
Google’s HR Chief Steps Down, Hands Employee Problems To Other Leaders  18h13 11 février
Forrester, Contributor
Google human resources chief Eileen Naughton plans to step down later this year
B2B Marketing Should Organize Around The Customer In 2020  17h10 11 février
Forrester, Contributor
The theme of Forrester’s Predictions 2020: B2B Marketing And Sales report was accelerating response to the great expectations for the B2B buying experience.
Q4 2019 Earnings: Top Takeaways For Facebook, Snap, And Twitter  16h18 10 février
Forrester, Contributor
The Q4 2019 earnings reports are in for Facebook, Snap Inc., and Twitter.
Growth Company & Startup Guide To Stock Vesting Restricted Stock (Section 83(b) Elections)  20h04 08 février
Ed Zimmerman, Contributor
Venture Capital-backed founders are subject to vesting on their stock. This article discusses the tax impact of receiving restricted stock’ (stock subject to vesting) and lays out the issues regarding elections under tax code Section 83(b), applied to startups and growth companies in tech.
The Brazil Tech And Innovation Roundup: Locaweb Debuts On Stock Exchange  19h00 07 février
Angelica Mari, Contributor
A weekly round-up of news the Brazilian innovation and technology ecosystem has been talking about: a web veteran makes its IPO, Uber wins in court and Creditas makes it easier to buy high-end goods and services.
Marketers, You Might Hate Abiding By New Data Restrictions, But Doing Nothing Isn’t An Option  17h51 06 février
Forrester, Contributor
Marketers use a wealth of consumer data for digital media buying, audience insights, targeting, measurement, and personalization.
What Are The Top Product Management Leadership Priorities For 2020?  13h30 06 février
Forrester, Contributor
SiriusDecisions asked product management leaders about their top challenges and the skills their product managers need to improve
Key Issues For Enterprise IT Spend Decisions In 2020  12h27 06 février
Peter Bendor-Samuel, Contributor
Enterprise expectations in 2020 for investment priorities, top challenges, talent shortages and new data focuses are revealed in Everest Group’s recent survey.
Apple Breaks The Shackles On Mapping Data  16h27 05 février
Forrester, Contributor
The launch of Apple Maps in 2012 didn’t go very well. It wound up on the show Silicon Valley as an example of just how badly a launch could go. Part of the challenge is that Apple was forced to rely on third-party mapping data providers. Things didn’t work out so well.
Google Breaks Out YouTube And Cloud In Q4 2019 Earnings  15h22 04 février
Forrester, Contributor
Google’s parent company, Alphabet, released earnings on Monday, February 3.
Everything Is Awesome, Yet We Still Crave Connection  17h16 03 février
Forrester, Contributor
As seen in Forrester’s consumer research and in the surveys of marketing executives, you are about to be inundated with offers from companies that want to be your friend, share your values, and invite you to feel connected to them.
Skillz Combines Mobile And Esports, Enables Indie Developers And Women Gamers To Level Up  11h58 03 février
Peggy Anne Salz, Contributor
With its innovative strategies and platform, Skillz is shifting the paradigm to make esports inclusive and profitable for players and developers. A key focus is women, a tremendous and untapped demographic that dominates esports and contributes the most revenue generated through mobile gaming.
Executives Report AI Investment Up, But Implementations Lag Expectations  16h12 02 février
Randy Bean, Contributor
Leading companies are investing heavily in AI, but roll-out remains slow.