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Are Your Data Security Protocols CCPA-Ready?  12h30 18 février
Ameesh Divatia, CommunityVoice
Gaining greater insight into these queries will help organizations take the appropriate next steps and avoid the dreaded civil action and financial penalties.
Building A Strong Development Team From The Start  12h10 18 février
Christopher Yang, CommunityVoice
Building a development team is like assembling a sports team: Every member must know their role, position on the team and overall goal.
Consumer Privacy Takes Priority in 2020  12h00 18 février
Eugenio Pace, CommunityVoice
Here are a few predictions on how this consumer call for action will (and should) be a catalyst for greater privacy, identity protection and security in 2020.
Millions Of Windows And Linux Systems Vulnerable To Alarming Hidden’ Cyber Attack  11h51 18 février
Davey Winder, Contributor
New research has now revealed how unsigned firmware in laptop cameras, network interface cards, trackpads, USB hubs and Wi-Fi adapters are leaving millions of systems exposed to data theft and ransomware attack.
Apple iPhone SE2 Security Features: Here’s What To Expect  09h59 18 février
Kate O'Flaherty, Contributor
According to a new report, the iPhone SE2-AKA the iPhone 9-will launch at an event on March 31. Here are the important security features to expect.
This Israeli Cyber Billionaire Battles Hackers In China, Russia And Iran: It Will Only Get Worse’  07h35 18 février
Zak Doffman, Contributor
Gil Shwed invented the computer firewall and then amassed a 3 billion fortune tackling cyber threats across the world. Here are his views on the dangers we now face.
Arm Ups Its IoT Intelligence Game With New Chips  22h14 17 février
Patrick Moorhead, Contributor
Patrick Moorhead gives his take on Arm unveiling last week’s key parts of their portfolio moving forward a selection of offerings and IP geared specifically towards machine learning and AI.
Hackers Join Forces Against U.S. And Israeli Targets: This Is What An Iranian Cyber Attack Looks Like In 2020  12h08 17 février
Davey Winder, Contributor
Iran state-sponsored advanced hacker groups have likely combined to target aviation, energy, government and telecommunication targets, research reveals.
Americans Are Losing Billions Due To Internet Crime Every Year [Infographic]  11h33 17 février
Niall McCarthy, Contributor
Financial losses from internet crime in the United States have reached their highest level since the FBI started recording cybercrime statistics in 2000.
Honey Trap Malware Here Are The Hamas Dating Apps That Hacked Israeli Soldiers  18h05 16 février
Zak Doffman, Contributor
Israel has confirmed that a Hamas honey trap cyber operation targeted hundreds of its soldiers. Here’s why this malware was so dangerous.
Amazon Primed: Ring Ineffective, Alexa Winning, IP Infringement...Win?  16h49 16 février
Paul Armstrong, Contributor
Amazon Primed’ is just a tiny recap of the larger stories that dominated the headlines this week surrounding everyone’s favourite cardboard abuser, Amazo
Ransomware Damage To U.S. Healthcare Industry Passes 150 Million In Four Years  15h26 16 février
Lee Mathews, Contributor
Dealing with ransomware isn’t cheap, and few victims know that better than those in the healthcare sector.
Windows 10 Alert: Microsoft Says Install These 3 Security Updates In This Order  09h15 15 février
Davey Winder, Contributor
This Patch Tuesday addressed 99 Microsoft vulnerabilities, but one Windows 10 update is more complicated than the others
U.S. Government Confirms Malicious’ New Malware Threat: Beware This Is The WannaCry Hackers Again  07h47 15 février
Zak Doffman, Contributor
A joint Pengaton, FBI and DHS warning for Microsoft Windows users as North Korean state-sponsored hackers strike again.
DOJ Charges Against Chinese Concerns Alert US Businesses To Watch Their Supply Chains  19h19 14 février
Neil Edwards, Contributor
This week, the United States Department of Justice charged China’s Huawei for racketeering and stealing trade secrets, as well as China’s People’s Liberation Army with computer fraud, wire fraud, and espionage for hacking into Equifax alerting US businesses to watch their supply chains.