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Are Your Data Security Protocols CCPA-Ready?  12h30 18 février
Ameesh Divatia, CommunityVoice
Gaining greater insight into these queries will help organizations take the appropriate next steps and avoid the dreaded civil action and financial penalties.
The CIO In 2020 And Beyond  12h30 18 février
Jody Shapiro, CommunityVoice
As the caretaker of information in an organization, the modern CIO should have a seat at the business table.
10 Basic And Easy Cybersecurity Steps  12h30 18 février
Michelle Drolet, CommunityVoice
No industry is immune to the growing cost of cybercrime.
Three Reasons To Ignore Apple’s Coronavirus Warning  12h18 18 février
Lou Basenese, Contributor
History, plus Apple’s strong fundamentals strongly suggest the latest revenue warning is no cause for concern for investors.
Building A Strong Development Team From The Start  12h10 18 février
Christopher Yang, CommunityVoice
Building a development team is like assembling a sports team: Every member must know their role, position on the team and overall goal.
Consumer Privacy Takes Priority in 2020  12h00 18 février
Eugenio Pace, CommunityVoice
Here are a few predictions on how this consumer call for action will (and should) be a catalyst for greater privacy, identity protection and security in 2020.
The Rise Of RevOps: Rethinking The Structure Of Modern GTM Teams  12h00 18 février
Bhaskar Roy, CommunityVoice
Marketing and sales may have once been considered departments dominated by creativity and people skills, but today, marketing and sales look much more technical and operational due to the explosion of marketing applications.
Millions Of Windows And Linux Systems Vulnerable To Alarming Hidden’ Cyber Attack  11h51 18 février
Davey Winder, Contributor
New research has now revealed how unsigned firmware in laptop cameras, network interface cards, trackpads, USB hubs and Wi-Fi adapters are leaving millions of systems exposed to data theft and ransomware attack.
Exactly When Apple Will Reveal The 2020 iPad Pro And iPhone SE 2  10h33 18 février
David Phelan, Contributor
More rumors point to an Apple event in March. But when exactly?
How Explainable AI Is Helping Algorithms Avoid Bias  10h09 18 février
Simon Chandler, Contributor
Developers design neural networks that can learn from data, but once they’ve released their creations into ’the wild’, such neural nets have operated without programmers being able to see what exactly makes them tick. Hence, companies don’t find out their AI is biased until it’s too late.
Apple iPhone SE2 Security Features: Here’s What To Expect  09h59 18 février
Kate O'Flaherty, Contributor
According to a new report, the iPhone SE2-AKA the iPhone 9-will launch at an event on March 31. Here are the important security features to expect.
Like It Or Not, The Future Is Full Of Foldables  00h27 18 février
Moor Insights and Strategy, Contributor
Analyst Anshel Sag takes a look at the current state of the foldable device category, and where it could be headed.
New iPhone Exclusive Reveals Stunning Apple Design Decision  23h31 17 février
Gordon Kelly, Contributor
Apple’s iPhone 12 will be unlike any rival 2020 smartphone thanks to this radical design decision...
Apple Withdraws Its March Quarter Revenue Guidance Due To The Coronavirus  23h27 17 février
Chuck Jones, Contributor
Apple released a statement that it would not hit its revenue guidance due to the coronavirus. This will ripple through the income statement and create a significant earnings miss.
Apple’s New iPhone 9 Is Going To Sell Out  23h10 17 février
Ewan Spence, Contributor
It’s clear to everyone watching that Apple is close to announcing the iPhone 9. Why has Apple waited so long to launch a successor to the iPhone SE, why is now the right time, and why is it going to sell out when it hits the Apple Store?