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Why Smart Closets Are Stupid  11h42 20 janvier
Tracey Follows, Contributor
This year at CES we saw the long-awaited vision of a virtual wardrobe, come to life.
The 3 AI’s Of AI: A Way Out For Real And Automated Decisions  08h52 20 janvier
Taarini Kaur Dang, Contributor
Although th r are several factors driving th adoption f artificial nt ll g n , th m t m rt nt n t capability to make real and ut m t d decisions. This is driven by the 3A’s of AI: A t d, Augm nt d nd Aut m t d. I show how these 3 A’s are...
10 No-Deal Brexit Lessons On The Geopolitics Of Data Flows For 2020  19h05 21 décembre
Chiara Rustici, Contributor
Restricting data flows can throttle global trade: Brexit preparations have lessons for all.
Pantone’s Classic Blue Is More Than Just A Color Of The Year  15h55 10 décembre
Tracey Follows, Contributor
Pantone has come in for some criticism for its choice of Color of the Year which was announced last week. Critics are wrong.
Smart Cities Can Help Us Tackle The Climate Crisis Part Two  16h40 29 novembre
Charles Towers-Clark, Contributor
Smart cities can give us the space- and energy-savings that we will need to address the imminent climate crisis. New technologies, in transport, utilities and new renewable energy solutions are making the dream of sustainable smart cities a reality.
Virtual Reality Used To Relax Cows Into Producing More Milk  13h15 29 novembre
Simon Chandler, Contributor
As announced by Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food, a team of researchers and vets have developed VR headsets for dairy cows living on a farm just outside of Moscow.
For Digital Talent, Cast A Wide Net  12h00 29 novembre
Joe McKendrick, Contributor
Companies succeeding in the digital skills arena are learning that business acumen, and even creative arts backgrounds, may provide what they need to compete.
Here Are The Best Black Friday Deals Happening On Google’s Online Store  18h05 28 novembre
Johan Moreno, Contributor
Looking to skip the fight for the wishbone? No worries - Google’s Black Friday deals are now available, if you are interested in picking up the latest gadgets manufactured by the tech giant.
Artificial Intelligence Not Seen As A Job-Killer, Yet  21h19 27 novembre
Joe McKendrick, Contributor
Executives don’t see job cuts ahead a result of tasks being replaced by AI. Is this a realistic perception?
Planning Better Cities With AI And Big Data Part One  16h14 27 novembre
Charles Towers-Clark, Contributor
Collecting vital data and using AI to plan cities will help us to alleviate the problem of ’urban explosion’ that is happening around the world, and make more comfortable and functional cities for the future.
BAE Systems Wants To Use Data Analytics To Tackle Child Abuse  09h00 27 novembre
Nicholas Fearn, Contributor
BAE Systems has developed data analytics technology that can identify and protects the UK’s vulnerable children much faster than traditional approaches.
It Pays To Break Artificial Intelligence Out Of The Lab, Study Confirms  23h42 26 novembre
Joe McKendrick, Contributor
McKinsey’s latest survey of 2,360 executives shows high-performing AI companies are nearly three times likelier than their lagging counterparts to report revenue gains of more than 10 percent.
YouTube TV Confirms Buffering Issue Affecting Spectrum Internet Users  21h46 26 novembre
Johan Moreno, Contributor
Google’s cable-free live TV service is experiencing some buffering issues - likely caused by the cable company.
How AI Is Helping Diagnose Rare Genetic Diseases  16h57 25 novembre
Simon Chandler, Contributor
While the rarity of rare diseases means they’re often neglected by the medical establishment, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been emerging in recent years as new, promising tools in the fight against uncommon pathology.
Google Is Reportedly Giving Away Freebies Through Its Advanced Protection Program   04h55 25 novembre
Johan Moreno, Contributor
Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) is out of beta - and the company recruiting its existing customers to onboard users.