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Malena Ernman on daughter Greta Thunberg: She was slowly disappearing into some kind of darkness’  09h20 23 février
Malena Ernman
A new book by Greta Thunberg’s mother reveals the reality of family life during her daughter’s transformation from bullied teenager to climate iconGreta’s father, Svante, and I are what is known in Sweden as cultural workers - trained in opera, music and theatre with half a career of work in...
More than 11,000 homes in England to be built on land at high risk of flooding  12h28 23 février
Josh Halliday and Luke Barratt
Exclusive Guardian and Greenpeace analysis finds areas hit by recent storms are planning houses on floodplainsMore than 11,000 new homes are planned to be built on land at the highest risk of flooding in the regions battered by the worst winter storms in a generation, the Guardian has learned.An...
UK flood defence plans are inadequate, warn scientists  06h12 23 février
Robin McKie
More investment and improved planning needed with number of extreme wet days set to riseMore investment in flood defences and improved planning for future disasters are urgently needed, scientists have warned.They predict that the number of extreme wet days - which have already increased this...
Can there be a Hollywood ending for the ’Brad Pitt of mountain lions’?  14h00 22 février
Patrick Greenfield
Penned in by freeways, LA’s big cats face extinction - but a new wildlife crossing might be the answerThe lingering stench from putrefying deer carcasses is so powerful in Richie King’s pickup truck that his neighbours once reported him to the police. The suspicious plastic boxes behind our seats...
With every flood, public anger over the climate crisis is surging Gaby Hinsliff  09h00 22 février
Gaby Hinsliff
The fossil-fuel companies know they’ll face increased social stigma unless they changeSometimes it has felt as if the rain might never stop.These storms have gone beyond the point of simply being storms now, each blurring into the next to create a strangely end-of-days feeling. Everything is...
Why the lights are going out for fireflies  15h00 22 février
Michael Marshall
Fireflies face a dim future because of habitat loss and light pollution. How can conservationists help?At dusk, graduate student Sara Lewis was sitting on her back porch in North Carolina with her dog. We were supposed to be mowing our grass, but we never did, so we had long grass in our yard, ...
Greta Thunberg to visit Bristol for youth climate protest  15h07 22 février
Haroon Siddique
Teenage activist will make her second UK trip in past year to join next week’s eventGreta Thunberg will visit the UK next week to take part in a youth protest in Bristol.The 17-year-old climate activist, who launched a global youth-based movement when she began a climate strike outside Sweden’s...
Great Barrier Reef could face ’most extensive coral bleaching ever’, scientists say  19h00 21 février
Graham Readfearn
This year’s bleaching likely to be widespread although less intensive than previous outbreaks, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration saysThe Great Barrier Reef could be about to experience its most widespread outbreak of mass coral bleaching ever seen, according to an analysis from the US...
Device inspired by mangroves could help clear up flood water  19h00 21 février
Nicola Davis
Researchers say their synthetic system reproduces tree’s ability to desalinate waterA novel approach to removing salt from water, inspired by mangrove trees, has been revealed by researchers who say the system could offer an unusual approach to clearing up flood water.Mangroves, like other trees,...
The Guardian view on the blue whale’s comeback: an ocean’s glory restored Editorial  17h55 21 février
News that the biggest mammal is returning in numbers to Antarctica signals a conservation triumph Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Captain Ahab’s...
JP Morgan economists warn climate crisis is threat to human race  16h27 21 février
Patrick Greenfield and Jonathan Watts
Leaked report for world’s major fossil fuel financier says Earth is on unsustainable trajectoryThe world’s largest financier of fossil fuels has warned clients that the climate crisis threatens the survival of humanity and that the planet is on an unsustainable trajectory, according to a leaked...
One in 10 new homes in England built on land with high flood risk  18h24 19 février
Josh Halliday North of England correspondent
Number of properties built in high-risk areas has more than doubled in recent yearsOne in 10 of all new homes in England since 2013 have been built on land at the highest risk of flooding, official figures reveal, potentially leaving tens of thousands of people in greater danger from extreme winter...
The worst thing is the waiting’: flood-hit communities tell of stres  14h24 19 février
Mattha Busby
People affected by UK floods tell of their impact and painful, disruptive aftermath’Flooding not only wrecks businesses, destroys homes and disrupts everyday life but also causes long-lasting and dangerous levels of stress, residents from flood-hit communities have said.Hundreds of homes have...
The European Green Deal will bypass the poor and go straight to the rich Daniela Gabor  06h30 19 février
Daniela Gabor
For all the talk of retraining Polish miners, this fund will most likely line the pockets of the carbon finance elitesWhen Josep Borrell, the EU’s newly appointed foreign policy chief, recently caused outrage by dismissing young climate activists as flaky sufferers of Greta syndrome , he made not...
The Guardian’s climate pledge 2019  08h08 16 octobre
Katharine Viner
Today, we are making a public pledge to ourselves and our readers, that we are committed to taking responsibility for our role - both journalistically and institutionally - on how to impact the climate crisis we are facing. Continue reading...