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Device inspired by mangroves could help clear up flood water  19h00 21 février
Nicola Davis
Researchers say their synthetic system reproduces tree’s ability to desalinate waterA novel approach to removing salt from water, inspired by mangrove trees, has been revealed by researchers who say the system could offer an unusual approach to clearing up flood water.Mangroves, like other trees,...
African killifish may hold key to stopping ageing in humans  19h00 20 février
Nicola Davis
Turquoise killifish is able to suspend its development for longer than its average lifespanThe curious ability of the African turquoise killifish to press pause on its development could have intriguing implications for human ageing, say researchers.Certain creatures, including the killifish, can...
World’s oldest art under threat from cement mining in Indonesia  11h26 21 février
Krithika Varagur in Jakarta
Hunting scene dated to 40,000 years ago crumbling before our eyes’, say scientistsThe oldest known figurative paintings in the world, located near a cement mine in Indonesia, are under threat from industry, scientists have warned.In December, cave paintings depicting a hunting scene in the...
The Gene Gap: what makes us human? - Science Weekly podcast  05h00 21 février
Presented by Steve Scott and produced by Max Sanderson
Gene-editing technologies have the power to change life as we know it. This week on the podcast, we’re bringing you the first episode from our Common Threads series, part of an innovative new Guardian project called The Gene Gap. We’ll be talking about science but without the scientists - instead...
Spacewatch: Solar Orbiter sends first data back to Earth  21h30 20 février
Stuart Clark
Spacecraft completes first critical stage of mission after successful deployment of boom armThe European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter has completed the first critical stage of its mission. Launched on 10 February from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the spacecraft has sent back its first readings after...
Doctors look to HIV and Ebola drugs for coronavirus cure  18h02 20 février
Sarah Boseley Health editor
Early results of trials on Covid-19 patients expected in MarchDoctors are likely to know within two to three weeks whether drugs being used to treat patients infected with the new coronavirus are working, according to the World Health Organization.The timetable for early results from two trials...
Wuhan reverses relaxing of coronavirus lockdown as South Korea cases jump  08h25 24 février
Lily Kuo in Hong Kong, Helen Davidson and Martin Farrer
Communist party expected to reveal whether it will delay annual parliamentary sessionCoronavirus - live updatesAn announcement that the Chinese city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak would relax some of its travel restrictions and allow some people to leave was made without authorisation...
World is approaching coronavirus tipping point, say experts  07h14 24 février
Angela Giuffrida in Rome, Patrick Wintour in Tehran and Sam Jones
78,000 cases confirmed, as Italy and Iran scramble to contain major outbreaksFollow the latest coronavirus news and updates - liveThe world is fast approaching a tipping point in the spread of the coronavirus, according to experts, who warn that the disease is outpacing efforts to contain it, after...
Italy imposes draconian rules to stop spread of coronavirus  18h58 23 février
Angela Giuffrida in Rome and Lauren Cochrane in Milan
People caught entering or leaving outbreak areas to be fined, after country’s third deathFollow the latest coronavirus news and updates - liveItalian authorities have implemented draconian measures to try to halt the coronavirus outbreak in the north of the country, including imposing fines on...
Four cruise ship passengers test positive in UK - as it happened  18h18 23 février
Sarah Marsh
Turkey and Pakistan close borders with Iran after eight deaths, while in northern Italy towns are on lockdown after jump in cases. This blog is closedFollow the latest news and updates in our new coronavirus live blog 6.18pm GMT Here’s Angela Giuffrida, Patrick Wintour and Sam Jones’s roundup of...
What is coronavirus and what should I do if I have symptoms?  16h24 23 février
Sarah Boseley, Hannah Devlin and Martin Belam
What symptoms are caused by the virus from Wuhan in China, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor?Find all our coronavirus coverage hereHow to protect yourself from infectionIt is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses...
Turkey and Pakistan close borders with Iran over coronavirus deaths  15h07 23 février
Patrick Wintour in Tehran
Ankara also suspends incoming flights as Iranian authorities try to contain outbreak in countryTurkey and Pakistan have both closed their borders with Iran, with Turkey also halting incoming flights, in an effort to stop the potential spread of coronavirus after Iran reported 43 cases of the...
China encourages citizens to return to work as coronavirus hits economy  07h23 23 février
Emma Graham-Harrison and Michael Standaert
Authorities are caught between urgent need to restart economy and efforts to contain virusCoronavirus outbreak - live updatesThe Chinese authorities are trying to usher the country back to work, a month after announcing the unprecedented quarantine of millions of people. But they face a difficult...
Passengers from coronavirus-hit cruise ship Diamond Princess land in UK  06h29 23 février
Robin McKie
Thirty-two holidaymakers flown back as fear grows for welfare of infected Britons left in JapanCoronavirus outbreak - live updatesA repatriation flight carrying 32 Britons and Europeans from the coronavirus-infected cruise ship Diamond Princess landed in the UK on Saturday - amid growing fears for...
Exploring the start of the universe - Science Weekly podcast  05h00 14 février
Presented by Ian Sampleand produced by Madeleine Finlay
What happened at the dawn of the universe, just trillionths of a second after the start of the big bang, remains a mystery. Revisiting these moments in his new book, At the Edge of Time, Dan Hooper explores many of the unknowns in cosmology. Hooper guides Ian Sample through the birth of our...