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Virus-hit China postpones parliament for first time in decades  12h51 24 février
China decided on Monday to postpone its annual parliament session, which was due to start on March 5, for the first time since the Cultural Revolution, as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus: Wuhan revokes announcement easing lockdown  11h36 24 février
No one cares’: Locked-in Wuhan residents adapt to find foo  11h35 24 février
Wuhan people have faced a number of tightening controls over daily life as the death toll from the virus swelled to over 2,500 in China alone. Since then, its people have faced a number of tightening controls over daily life as the death toll from the virus swelled to over 2,500 in China alone.
Malaysian PM sends resignation letter to king: Sources  09h51 24 février
Thailand denies PM aided Malaysia 1MDB graft scandal  10h57 24 février
WHO team visits hospitals in China’s coronavirus-hit Wuhan  08h23 24 février
Daredevil who wanted to prove earth is flat dies in crash  06h07 24 février
Michael ’Mad Mike’ Hughes tragically passed away today during an attempt to launch his homemade rocket, the Science Channel, which was planning to feature him on an upcoming series called Homemade Astronauts, said on Twitter.
Coronavirus: Wuhan allows people to exit for crucial operations  08h07 24 février
Israel strikes Gaza, Syria after Palestinian rockets attacks  03h20 24 février
The Israel military said early Monday that it struck Palestinian militants targets in Gaza and Syria in response to rockets fired toward southern Israel on Sunday evening, hours after Israel said it killed a Palestinian militant who tried to place a bomb along the Israel-Gaza barrier fence.
Trump express optimism for deal with Taliban  22h46 23 février
President Donald Trump said Sunday he’s ready to sign a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan if a temporary truce holds in America’s longest war. Time to come home,’’ he said.
Italy Coronavirus cases surpass 100  17h27 23 février
Responding to a rising number of new cases, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Saturday announced that 11 towns in Italy’s north would be placed under quarantine, affecting about 50,000 people. Two people have already died from the so-called COVID-19 epidemic in Italy, which was the first country to...
Iran accuses foreign media of using virus to ’discourage’ voters  11h13 23 février
Turkey says seven killed after earthquake on Iran border  12h33 23 février
South Korea virus cases spike, as Italy and Iran take drastic steps  09h25 23 février
Australia’s bushfire-stricken state pays tribute to 25 victims  08h26 23 février
The bushfires, which lasted from September until torrential rains hit earlier this month, killed 33 people and a billion native animals nationally and destroyed 2,500 homes and a wilderness area the size of South Korea. The damage was most devastating in New South Wales state.