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On the Black Sea, Georgia rebrands as a holiday haven from the pandemic  11h00 30 mai
By Isabelle Khurshudyan
The South Caucasus nation, with fewer than 800 confirmed cases of covid-19, offers a look into some of the emerging strategies for post-pandemic tourism, such as promoting low infection rates and being selective about who gets in.
Afghan leaders signal mistrust for peace process with Taliban  15h04 30 mai
By Susannah George
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and other top officials are pushing a poorly supported theory that the Taliban is cooperating with the Islamic State a violation of one condition of the peace deal.
Trump s exit from World Health Organization meets with dismay from global health experts  15h40 30 mai
By Karla Adam
Germany said it was disappointing while the European Union asked President Trump to reconsider his decision. The United States has been the single biggest financial contributor to the U.N. agency.
Trump postpones the annual Group of Seven meeting of world leaders until September at the earliest, wants to include Russia  13h31 30 mai
By Anne Gearan and Seung Min Kim
The decision came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel objected to Trump s decision to revive an in-person meeting in Washington this month as a sign of recovery from the pandemic.
Trump hammers China over Hong Kong; China responds with: What about Minneapolis?  14h21 30 mai
By Anna Fifield
Although China was likely relieved by the lack of specifics in Trump s latest broadside, analysts say the relationship will only get even worse.
Israeli police fatally shoot Palestinian man in Jerusalem s Old City, further stoking tensions  13h55 30 mai
By Steve Hendrix
Reports say officers mistakenly thought the man, who was autistic and on his way to a school for students with disabilities, was armed.
Palestinian leader cuts ties with Israel over annexation plans. His own people feel the pinch.  11h00 30 mai
By Steve Hendrix and Sufian Taha
The announcement by Abbas makes it harder for some West Bankers to travel to Israel for work and medical care.
China vows to smash any Taiwan independence move as Trump weighs sanctions  09h46 29 mai
By Anna Fifield
The democratic island has offered support to the people of Hong Kong as Beijing prepares a national security law that would dismantle the financial hub s autonomy.
The World Health Organization: What you need to know about the U.N. agency that Trump has snubbed  08h33 29 mai
By Ruby Mellen
Here s what you need to know about what the WHO is and does.
What is happening in Hong Kong?   08h13 29 mai
By Siobhán O'Grady and Miriam Berger
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he no longer considers Hong Kong autonomous from China as Beijing plans to implement a sweeping national security law in the city.
New Honduran law targets narco jets carrying cocaine from Venezuela  07h48 29 mai
By Kevin Sieff
The legislation also paves the way for more cooperation with the United States.
Europeans emerging from coronavirus lockdowns find a conspicuous absence of Americans  07h16 29 mai
By Chico Harlan, James McAuley and Stefano Pitrelli
Travel restrictions have created more distance between America and Europe than at any point since the dawn of commercial air travel.
Anger over George Floyd s killing ripples far beyond the United States  06h20 29 mai
By Jennifer Hassan and Siobhán O'Grady
George Floyds death and subsequent protests have provoked responses from around the globe.
Germany, borrowing from Trump, says it wants to make Europe strong again   13h50 29 mai
By Michael Birnbaum
There was no word on whether the new slogan Together. Making Europe Strong Again would go on red hats.
Four-star quarantine: At a Milan hotel, guests don t get room keys  13h07 29 mai
By Chico Harlan and Stefano Pitrelli
The Hotel Michelangelo is dedicated to keeping people apart.