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Preeminent French journalist and intellectual dies at 99  12h15 21 février
By Emily Langer
His cameos in history included a trip to Cuba in 1963, where he extended to Fidel Castro a tentative overture from President John F. Kennedy days before Kennedy was killed.
Russia’s Arctic winter is now missing its biggest fans: Chinese tourists  10h30 21 février
By Isabelle Khurshudyan
The land of the Northern Lights, and the rest of Russia, is off-limits to Chinese visitors under the Kremlin’s super-strict coronavirus precautions.
U.S. halts offensive military operations in Afghanistan as part of Taliban deal  11h09 22 février
By Susannah George
The top American commander told reporters in Kabul that our operations are defensive at this point. The move is aimed at reducing violence ahead of a possible peace deal.
American accused of killing his wife and hiding her body found dead in Brazilian jail  07h35 21 février
By Terrence McCoy
Police said they believe Sean Karl Grebinger, 48, committed suicide.
Harry and Meghan to give up Sussex Royal’ brand   09h32 21 février
By Karla Adam and Jennifer Hassan
Whether they can call themselves royal’ has been a contentious question.
WHO experts head to Wuhan, epicenter of coronavirus outbreak, as cases continue to climb  13h00 22 février
By Anna Fifield, Min Joo Kim and Simon Denyer
The nationwide inflection point in the epidemic has not yet arrived, China’s leaders say.
Al-Qaeda and Islamic State groups are working together in West Africa to grab large swaths of territory  13h00 22 février
By Danielle Paquette and Joby Warrick
U.S. and West African officials warn the partnership could grow into a global threat.
One group of Israelis is benefiting from the endless cycle of elections: Campaign advisers  11h00 22 février
By Ruth Eglash
They are gainfully employed but need to find fresh ways to spread their rival messages.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards wrestle with new reality after killing of their chief military strategist  11h00 22 février
By Erin Cunningham and Steve Hendrix
The IRGC is facing new dangers abroad, as well as a backlash at home over the downing of a passenger plane and the handling of protests.
India is home to the most Trump ventures outside North America. Here’s what you need to know.  16h11 21 février
By Niha Masih and Joanna Slater
The ventures include four luxury residential projects and an office tower, all branded with the Trump name under licensing deals.
South Korea coronavirus cases surge as Italy confirms first death from the virus  16h05 21 février
By Gerry Shih, Michael Brice-Saddler, Lateshia Beachum and Miriam Berger
Meanwhile, South Korean officials traced many new infections to a church in Daegu, and the revelation of hundreds more cases undercut Beijing’s effort to show progress.
South Korean coronavirus spike linked to doomsday sect with messianic leader  15h29 21 février
By Min Joo Kim
Health authorities connected more than half of South Korea’s known coronavirus cases to the church.
Coronavirus outbreak edges closer to pandemic  10h59 21 février
By Carolyn Y. Johnson, Lena Sun, William Wan and Joel Achenbach
Containment still possible, but window is narrowing,’ says WHO chief
Suspected Mexican cartel figure handed over to U.S. amid surge of extraditions  10h28 21 février
By Mary Beth Sheridan and Justin Jouvenal
Extradition of El Menchito’ comes after pressure from the Trump administration
After Germany shooting, minorities say the country has been slow to recognize the threat of far-right extremism  09h20 21 février
By Rick Noack, Loveday Morris and Luisa Beck
The interior minister promised increased police presence.