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Bid to evacuate citizens from virus-hit cruise ship  16h33 17 février
Newly leaked Chinese records have revealed for the first time the system by which hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have been monitored and detained in heavily fortified internment centers across Xinjiang. According to the leak, Chinese citizens can be sent to the camps for reasons such as growing...
Leaked records expose for the first time how China judges its citizens to be a threat  10h10 18 février
Live updates: Wuhan hospital director dies from virus 780 million on lockdown in Ch
Leaked records expose China’s Xinjiang camps  00h25 18 février
Matthew Smith of Sacramento, California, and his wife decided to stay aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Fourteen Americans evacuated from the ship on US-chartered flights have tested positive for novel coronavirus, the US departments of State and Health and Human Services said. Watch Full...
Here’s how long coronaviruses may linger on contaminated surfaces  11h55 18 février
Justice Department storm intensifies with new attacks on Barr’s credibility He’s known Bill Barr for 40 years. Now, he’s calling for his resignation CNN Exclusive: Pelosi’s 2020 warning to Democr
Man who refused to evacuate quarantined ship responds to criticism  06h12 18 février
La Liga has clarified its stance on an alleged racist incident in a Spanish top tier football match following a public backlash.
Bloomberg qualifies for Wednesday’s Democratic debate -- his first   09h57 18 février
Queen Elizabeth II’s nephew, the Earl of Snowdon, has announced he is to divorce his wife after 26 years of marriage.
Justice Department storm intensifies with new attacks on Barr’s credibility  10h17 18 février
Dutch soccer legend Ruud Gullit says he was disappointed to see players not back Porto striker Moussa Marega as he walked off the pitch after being subjected to racist abuse from opposition fans.
La Liga rethinks stance over apparent racist gesture by Real Mallorca coach  11h56 18 février
Topless protesters crashed the stage at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Nevada, calling for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to end his support for the dairy industry and animal agriculture.
British Queen’s nephew and wife to divorce   19h18 17 février
An Eastern Kentucky college football player faces assault charges after he body-slammed an Ohio police officer, which was caught on dashcam footage.
Ruud Gullit ’disappointed’ players didn’t ’protect’ racially abused star  11h11 18 février
A skier in Colorado died after his coat became wrapped around his head and neck on the chair lift, according to the company that operates the chair lift.
Topless protesters disrupt Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada  16h25 17 février
The Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy, according to a court document filed in Delaware bankruptcy court early Tuesday.
The industry of outrage surrounding TV star’s death  06h36 18 février
Ski resorts across the Alps are struggling to keep slopes open as climate change causes temperature rise and snowfall becomes less predictable.
College football player body-slams police officer  12h01 18 février
Lewis Hamilton highlighted gender inequality in motorsport as he was crowned Laureus Sportsman of the Year jointly with Barcelona star Lionel Messi Monday.
Skier choked by his coat on chair lift  12h07 18 février
The sweeping scourge of the Black Death in 14th century England was so great it forced city-dwelling victims out to countryside hospitals, based on the tragic findings in a mass grave in Lincolnshire, England.
Skeleton found in cave could reveal Neanderthal death rites   09h36 14 février
The image of cold-blooded, scaly, reptilian dinosaurs imprinted in our imaginations by movies like Jurassic Park may never have existed.