E-International Relations
Brexit Endgame: The 2019 UK Election  06h07 14 décembre
Russell Foster
Brexit is coming. But, maybe Boris Johnson will strike a good deal with the EU to prevent the further polarisation in the UK.
Brexit Populism: To the Brink of Democracy and an Unholy Alliance with the US  13h51 08 août
Hartmut Behr
With the installation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the UK, British democracy has - alongside political developments in the United States - reached a tipping point.
We Unhappy Few: The Conservative Party Leadership Race  04h52 24 juin
Russell Foster
Hard Brexit is the likeliest outcome because it is the desire of the Party’s membership. Even if it means the destruction of their party..
The Days of May (Again): What Happens to Brexit Now?  16h54 27 mai
Russell Foster
To snuff out Nigel Farage a second time, the Conservatives will almost certainly elect Boris Johnson, and he will push for a No Deal exit.
Brexit Never Rains, But It Pours  15h48 29 mars
Russell Foster
After three exhausting and poisonous years of negotiations between the UK and the EU we are not approaching the end - we have barely finished the beginning.
Reversibility: A New Concept for Policy Studies in International Relations  11h41 28 mars
Hartmut Behr
Reversibility seeks to encourage and further the synergy of scholarly expertise, rethinking the ways we conceive of politics and the human world and how to tackle, if not solve current challenges.
An Expert’ Perspective on Brexit... Means Brexit  13h45 20 mars
Patrick Bijsmans
Even in a scenario where the EU and the UK agree to a deal after all, this is only the first step in setting up their future relationship. What will that relationship look like?
Women Acquitting Themselves Well  03h08 15 février
Patricia J. Sohn
It seems that no one ever taught Nancy Pelosi that statesman-like or stateswoman-like self-restraint and politesse is incumbent upon one sitting in her position.
A Rationale for Pluralism: The Rural, Remote Peasant  03h03 15 février
Patricia J. Sohn
Policies that force people to choose between homogenization, fracture, or exclusion are rarely viable. Pluralism (institutional, cultural, social, and economic) offers extended periods of peace.
Internet Democracy in New’ India  02h51 15 février
Pratick Mallick
The internet has given privileges as well as challenges to India which is new in the sense of the economic and according socio-political transformations.
Working with and Supporting Teaching Assistants  12h50 14 février
Benedict Docherty
Working with Teaching Assistants means considering an additional set of issues, but this time is well worth the while.
Turning Point & Padlet: Using Technology in Small Group Teaching  20h28 13 février
Benedict Docherty
Padle and Turning Point are technological tool that help engage small groups in a more interactive way and thus facilitate teaching and learning.
J’accuse The Case for Traditional Capitalism  16h52 09 février
Patricia J. Sohn
Traditionalism helps to avoid the pitfalls of Old World orthodoxy and New World secularism, which model the world on either a rosy interpretation of paradise or accept it as living hell.
J’accuse The Case for Pre-modernism, or, the Rural-urban Divide  19h57 25 janvier
Patricia J. Sohn
It is argued that modernization is a bankrupt theory that has caused more harm than good on the human level.
Brexit: Can the Commonwealth Fill the Gap?  18h06 22 janvier
Peter Clegg
Brexit will cause a rupture, but the Commonwealth has a role to play, and with some imagination and boldness can enhance its role further.