She Escaped The Nightmare Of China’s Brutal Internment Camps. Now She Could Be Sent Back.  12h25 16 février
Megha Rajagopalan
Tursunay Ziyawudun endured months of interrogations and ritual humiliations at the hands of camp officials before she was released. She’s terrified she’s about to be sent back.View Entire Post
The World’s Most Influential Animal Conservation Group Has Links To Trophy Hunters And The Fashion Industry  09h25 16 février
Roberto Jurkschat
Who is the world’s most important conservation organization really looking out for endangered animals, or the people who want to pay big bucks to hunt them?View Entire Post
Pelvic Mesh Victims Waiting For Their Payout Say No Dollar Amount Will Be Enough  11h26 12 février
Gina Rushton
If it was in the tens of millions it might go some of the way to making me feel like I’d been seen, heard and there was a modicum of justice, one woman told BuzzFeed News.View Entire Post
YouTube Has Been Cracking Down On Coronavirus Hoaxes, But They Are Still Going Viral  01h45 13 février
Ryan Broderick
The video platform is doing better than many other social networking sites but still faces an uphill battle.View Entire Post
Seven Websites Hosting Content From The Christchurch Massacre Are Banned In Australia  05h27 12 février
Cameron Wilson
Websites banned by Australia’s internet censor include a right wing Canadian blog, three online news publications and two forums where violent videos are regularly shared.View Entire Post
Aboriginal People Are Not Aliens And Cannot Be Deported, Australia’s High Court Declares  09h47 11 février
Hannah Ryan
Aboriginal people, regardless of where they are born, have permanent protection form deportation, said a lawyer representing the men.View Entire Post
Refugees Locked In An Inner-City Hotel Say Their Health Is Deteriorating  20h47 10 février
Hannah Ryan
It’s eating our bodies and our minds, one refugee said.View Entire Post
52 Photos That Show Just How Devastating The Rain Has Been In NSW  12h25 10 février
Julia Willing
Goodbye, hell-fires. Hello, flood waters.View Entire Post
Three Scenarios For The Coronavirus  19h48 10 février
Dan Vergano
Experts are making wildly different predictions about the future of the coronavirus. We are at the blind-men-feeling-the-elephant stage of this outbreak. View Entire Post
As Chinese Internet Users Try To Track The Coronavirus, Their Government Is Tracking Them  00h18 09 février
Ryan Broderick
Don’t panic. View Entire Post
Online Stores Promoting Koala Gifts On Facebook Said They Would Donate To Bushfire Charities. It’s Unclear If They Did.  12h48 07 février
Cameron Wilson
Online stores popped up during Australia’s bushfire crisis, and ran hundreds of Facebook ads promoting koala-themed gifts. But their claims of charitable giving are difficult to prove.View Entire Post
Inside The Totally Ordinary Hotel Where More Than 80 Refugees Are Locked Up  08h23 10 février
Hannah Ryan
After years in Australia’s island detention camps, dozens of men are now in a very different kind of prison: a hotel in central Brisbane.View Entire Post
A Russian Propagandist Ran An Ad In The Washington Post And Then Ran Victory Laps In Russian Media  02h59 12 février
Dean Sterling Jones
When Alexander Malkevich wanted to free two Russians being held in Libya, he turned to an unlikely place the American media.View Entire Post
A Chinese Doctor Who Tried To Warn People Of Coronavirus In December Has Died From The Virus  04h25 08 février
David Mack
Dr. Li Wenliang tried to warn medical colleagues of a mysterious virus taking hold in Wuhan, but he was silenced by local police.View Entire Post
Ukraine Says The US Is Holding Up 30M Worth Of Guns And Ammo And It Wants Its Money Back  15h25 07 février
Christopher Miller
Final approval for six arms deals worth roughly 30 million has been held up for more than a year, and Ukraine has no idea why, four officials told BuzzFeed News.View Entire Post