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The fantastic world of Russian book covers  21h11 21 février
We’ve been digitizing a bunch of books in Russian recently, and we’ve been enjoying some of the distinct graphical design choices made by Russian publishers. A lot of information about a culture can be extracted through their advertising. One of the stand out features of the late 80s and early 90s...
Archiving Information on the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)  23h01 13 février
The Internet Archive’s Archive-It service is collaborating with the Internet Preservation Consortium’s (IIPC) Content Development Group (CDG) to archive web-published resources related to the ongoing Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. The IIPC Content Development Group consists of curators and...
Our Social Media is Broken. Is Decentralization the Fix?  21h11 30 janvier
Wendy Hanamura
When Jack Dorsey, founder of the very centralized social media platform, Twitter, posted this message about decentralized social media, our DWeb community took note: Dorsey went on to enumerate the current problems with social media: misinformation and abuse; opaque, proprietary algorithms that...
From Our Community, With Love  21h34 29 janvier
Jenica Jessen
Our 2019 End-of-Year fundraising drive was a big success, raising more than 6 million in individual donations and matched contributions Just as wonderful, though, was the outpouring of encouragement we received from the thousands of you who contributed. We asked you why you choose to give and...
Public Domain Day January 30, 2020 in Washington DC  21h42 15 janvier
Caitlin Olson
Please join us on January 30, 2020 for an evening celebration of the public domain Presented by Internet Archive, Institute for Intellectual Property & Social Justice, Creative Commons, the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, and SPARC, this event will bring together a...
The Lost Landscapes of San Francisco: A Benefit for the Internet Archive Friday, January 24th  18h24 07 janvier
Caitlin Olson
COMBINING a year of exciting archival discoveries with evergreen favorites from past years, this feature-length program shows San Francisco’s people, neighborhoods, infrastructures and celebrations from the early 20th century through the 1980s. New sequences this year run the gamut from the noirish...
Libraries and Publishing Now Viva la Library   17h48 30 décembre
Brewster Kahle
Readers consume publisher’s products many hours every day and consume on publisher’s terms. Publisher’s framing on our screens, publisher’s business models, publisher’s flow and pacing. Yes, there are many publishers now, but we are, mostly, locked into their presentation forms. We check into...
Lawrence Lessig: Being a Citizen is a Public Office, too  18h43 20 décembre
Wendy Hanamura
Why, you might wonder, is a famous Harvard Law professor and the founder of Creative Commons writing a book to wake us up to the fundamental problem facing our republic? The simple answer: Aaron Swartz. Swartz, the free culture activist, and Lawrence Lessig were friends and collaborators. As...
I’m Done Selling Sweaters. Instead I’m Selling a Vision I Believe In.  23h58 19 décembre
Jenica Jessen
Eight months ago, I was miserable. On paper, it seemed like everything should be going right. I was working long hours at a promising startup in a rapidly growing industry. My job was to use cutting-edge digital marketing technology to optimize email content; I worked to find the most compelling...
The Public Domain Line is Moving Again - One Year Later  18h09 13 décembre
Lila Bailey
When I was about 20, I fell in love with the love of Vera and Roland, British youth that loved to chat and write about books, Oxford, and love. Roland would go to war. Vera would go to Oxford. They would meet a few times, kiss a few times, and get secretly engaged. He had [&]