Deaf Sparrow : videograves
Control (Hype is Real Psychic Warfare Game)  03h56 25 décembre
Stanley Stepanic
Reviewing video games is hard. You can’t toss out critique after brief play, it leads to score bloating. This game looks great, you say after two minutes, and then but wow does it suck after two hours. IGN review already published? Oh well. So I’ve always tried to make sure I give a complete [&...
Night Call (Text-Based Noir Taxi Tedium)  03h58 16 décembre
Stanley Stepanic
I can remember hype text-based adventure games in the early 1980s. They still exist, but the market is quite niche. Read? Lol, I’m playing a game. Not an easy sell these days, that reading business, but a serial killer noir thriller? Easy victory. Or, rather, it could be. In Night Call you’re a...
Blair Witch (You Can Pet the Dog Horror Game)  14h17 27 novembre
Stanley Stepanic
Any nerd has probably seen their fair share of videogame adaptations based on friggin awesome movies and considering the biblical magnificence of the cult classic The Blair Witch Project (1999) we can pretty much saw this coming (sooner or later). The iconic hype behind the film’s take on cursed...
Eldervale (Cthonic Orphange of Creepy)  16h22 21 novembre
Stanley Stepanic
Uh oh it’s some creepy PS2-era shit look out. I like games that risk their existence with that kind of aesthetic. Or I’m just old fogey and any chance to live in the past I take from all holes. That’s great because Eldervale has lots of holes you enter, though it really didn’t impress [&] The post...
Silver Chains (Laundromat of the Haunted House Genre)  20h04 18 octobre
Stanley Stepanic
Ladies and germs, I braced myself for some spook-ful frights and gorged on all the mental asylum and haunted house games that succeeded before indie developer Cracked Heads released their demonic puzzle exploration Silver Chains. Unfortunately, from the moment protagonist Peter totaled his bush...
Apsulov: End of Gods (Cyberpunk Viking Scare)  18h03 20 septembre
Stanley Stepanic
Freaks, how do I put this? This game is exploding with badassery. From desperately scurrying through shadows away from trolls to fighting all sorts of fierce, colossal beasts with a mechanical arm, there’s always something refreshing. Apsulov: End of Gods was forged by small Swedish horror game...
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Castle Game)  15h35 10 septembre
Stanley Stepanic
Oh damn it’s some Metroid Castlevania shoite, which hardcore gamers like to refer to as Metroidvania because we need new words for everything instead of just calling it by its damn title Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. It does give you some indication of what to expect, but probably not as...
Visage (Arthritic Granny Escape)  14h43 16 août
Stanley Stepanic
Finally, through all the years that have passed us by since the cancelled release of Silent Hill’s heavily praised and also terrifying P.T’, something sufficient stepped up to the table, filling the endless void of longing. The games called Visage, and it emerged into life by Indie development...
Garage Bad Trip (Acidhead VHS Zombie Horror)  18h35 29 juillet
Stanley Stepanic
Yeah here we go. If there’s one thing that’s an easy sell in a video game, it’s got to be mutated freaks you blast into pieces, but maybe not because WTF no one seems to be playing this. But wait add getting high off of chemically-soaked rats, killing prisoner guards with nail guns, two-headed [&]...
Pathologic 2 (First-Person Suffering Sim)  17h57 03 juillet
Stanley Stepanic
When I stumbled across this game on Steam, my dumbass dismissed it foolishly quick. Wow, another generic first-person survival horror shooter. But this idiotic train of thought couldn’t be further from smart. I anticipated completing it in a few sittings, which slowly descended into a thick,...