Deaf Sparrow : musuck
On Thorns I Lay Threnos (Melodideathdoom Lol I’m a Writer)  21h54 13 février
Stanley Stepanic
I’m starting to realize Lifeforce Records has this thing with melodic metal bands who absolutely kill in the production and presentation. Sometimes setting a niche for yourself is good, except with pornogrind. Just let those fools have their netlabels and their weird community of drum machine,...
SUUM Cryptomass (Not Total Ass Italian Doom)  03h28 12 février
Stanley Stepanic
Okay Italy, okay, there is hope, after all. In case you missed it, which I know you did, I’ve been ripping on Italian doom metal over the past couple years because pretty much any submission I’ve gotten from the country in said genre has been total ass. The primary reason is this strange tendency ...
Frayle 1692 (Bitter Doom for the Broken Soul)  01h44 05 février
Stanley Stepanic
Most doom is satisfied thematically with smoking or taking drugs, tossing tabletop RPG dice, witch stuff, or plain sloth. They don’t hide it, either, and with a simple name or cover you know exactly what to expect and you’re both disappointed and not. But as of late female-fronted doom has been a...
Sarcator Visions of Purgatory (Former Metallica Worship Blackened Thrash)  16h20 03 février
Stanley Stepanic
Finland seems to be the experimental mecca of metal these days, but what about Sweden? It’s tucked there in the middle between that and koovoolt Norway. You certainly know Sweden’s hailed as the mecca of WTF metal with bizarre vocal delivery, complex solo passages, and the like, but never really...
Sobranie 8 18 S T (No Annoying ASCII Symbols Witch House)  18h05 30 janvier
Stanley Stepanic
Yeah I needed some witchery in my lifedeath and this just happened to pop in the promos only a few days before it officially drops. Good. You metal, punk, death thrash, and whatever else clowns need to lose your lucidity once in awhile and melt away. Sit back, listen, brain bleed, absorb. Get the ...
Black Royal Firebride (Death Blues is Legit)  16h17 27 janvier
Stanley Stepanic
To be honest when I heard these guys billed as death blues I was like isn’t that just another name for nu-metal? Then I realized Black Royal is from Finland so that isn’t possible because, yet again, they prove the country’s quickly becoming the realm of genre-bending in metal. Too bad Finnish...
Folian Blue Mirror (Shoegaze Ouroboros)  18h48 24 janvier
Stanley Stepanic
Folian speaks volumes about dreaminess. I mean there’s a drowned or languid body on the cover floating in or washed up from the sea with hair twisted about the fingers. That alone makes you stare down at your shoes so far you turn in on yourself like an ouroboros. Talk about deep thoughts. Well, [&...
Nattverd Styggdom (Rot in Bed Black Metal)  16h29 21 janvier
Stanley Stepanic
Rarely do I bother with straight-up, you’ve heard this, I’ve heard this, everyone has heard this black metal, from Norway even. The greats are mere vessels of fandom, or gone, the LPs keep getting repressed for who knows what reason, and aside from a track or two out of an entire discography,...
Worm Gloomlord (Soul-Sloughing Doom)  16h23 13 janvier
Stanley Stepanic
You know you’re in for something different with this cover; it’s one of those that makes your eyes wander for hours until the details wrap around your head and constrict. Worm avoid all popularity. Their presence is thin at most and hidden in Internet fog, and more importantly their music’s a...
Obduktio Ihmiskunnan Viholliset (Crude Rude Puke Punk)  00h44 10 janvier
Stanley Stepanic
I can’t recall a nice do-over of punk with some blackened crust from Finland. Most of what I get from the country with supposedly the toughest language in the world is black metal or, ugh, some of that Finnish hardcore-like-it’s-1985 scene kid blather. Obduktio was a welcome addition to my you...