Deaf Sparrow : film murder
Igorrr Very Noise (Frenetic Flesh Beast War by MEAT DEPT.)  18h41 17 janvier
Stanley Stepanic
Caught a few words on this one here on the Spinternet, and lol, insane and crazy were just two of the choice cuts from total fools who obviously have never heard of Igorrr before, duh. It’s unlikely you haven’t heard of him, but you might be wondering why I’d bother with such a name [&] The...
La Noira (Broken Heart Horror by Carlos Baena)  14h03 06 décembre
Stanley Stepanic
La Noira received tons of praise before I even looked at it, and since my suggested viewing kept bothering me about it I figured okay, fine. Directed by mainstream (gasp) powerhouse Carlos Baena (ahem Jurassic Park III and Toy Story 3, among many others) La Noira (which translates to The Ferris...
Piercing (Giallo Sadomasochist Thriller)  15h34 27 septembre
Stanley Stepanic
Piercing is a bizarre psychological thriller from writer-director Nicolas Pesce, which also doubles up as a dark, fucked-up rom-com that spreads giallo everywhere. Two negatives don’t make a positive, but two nuts create a violent and bloody mess, with lots of yellow. Reed is a family man with an...
Seeds (New England Insect Incest)  03h04 05 septembre
Stanley Stepanic
Take a psychological creature-feature thriller and throw in inappropriate sexual desire so that it’s clear keeping it in the family is not always best and you get Seeds, a haunting debut from writer-director Owen Long. When a night of debauchery spirals out of control, a young man named Marcus...
Empathy, Inc. (Empathetic Exploitation but in Sci-Fi)  18h43 06 août
Stanley Stepanic
Imagine a virtual reality where you can smell and touch. Commit murder without repercussions, indulge in your deepest fantasies without waking up sore, cleaning up the mess or checking for an STD. Empathy, Inc. is the second film from director Yedidya Gorsetman with writer Mark Leidner, a brilliant...
MFKZ (GTA San Andreas Goes Sci-Fi)  17h43 01 juillet
Stanley Stepanic
MFKZ, co-directed by Guillaume Renard and Shoujirou Nishimi, is a lot of things crammed into 90 minutes of kinetic animated insanity. The nod to anime is rather overt, but there’s also an influence of alien sci-fi, call-outs to the GTA games and various elements of hip hop culture with a dose of...
Punk Never Ends (Heroin Crust in Slovakia)  17h12 12 juin
Stanley Stepanic
Those who enjoy soap-opera drama of people’s misery should grab a glass of wine and popcorn for the feature debut from director Juro Å lauka, Punk Never Ends (Punk je hned ), a bleak, realistic look into drug addiction. It’s the perfect film to let kids know the glamorous life they could lead if...
Balcony (Self-Loathing Identity Collapse)  13h29 24 mai
Stanley Stepanic
Phew, this one is a killer. Man... Balcony is one of those films that doesn’t tell you much about its real meaning until the ending. You think you got it all worked out. You’re sure of it. This is a touching glimmer of hope in all the human garbage, you think, and then it [&] The post Balcony (Self...
The Spadina House (Lol Victorian Superpowers)  18h23 14 mai
Stanley Stepanic
Goddamn I can’t stop laughing at this. And that probably makes you think I hate it, but in actuality it’s something else, trust me. The Spadina House proved quite difficult to review because it’s rather simple to blow its cover in a second (I actually did already, you just didn’t notice), so I’m...
Do No Harm (Hippocratic Slaughter Oath)  16h54 08 mai
Stanley Stepanic
God this is such a great film. I knew it was going to be, there was no way a doctor standing with a depressed glare at the camera, covered in blood whilst holding a scalpel, was going to be anything but graphic (and thus very good). That stare got me sold. But what sold [&] The post Do No Harm ...