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Mary Anne Marsh: Super Tuesday could decide Democratic nomination - here’s the candidate in the best position to win  09h00 24 février
Mary Anne Marsh
In 2016, Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination on Super Tuesday because she built an insurmountable lead in delegates
Peggy Grande: Blue states for Trump - here’s how voters there can boost president’s reelection  17h00 23 février
Peggy Grande
There are more than 4.7 million registered Republicans in California, more than any other state. Those voters could and should play a vital role in shaping the 2020 presidential election,
Lew Olowski: Trump bans New Yorkers from TSA pre-check - other ’sanctuary’ states and cities could be next  16h00 23 février
Lew Olowski
The move comes in response to New York’s sanctuary law, designed to obstruct federal immigration enforcement.
Andrew McCarthy: Stone sentencing ends Russia Collusion, Part I but Dems cooking up even weaker sequel  15h00 23 février
Andrew McCarthy
In the sequel, you’re asked to believe that Putin is manipulating the chess pieces to steal a second term for President Trump.
Adam Goodman: At Tuesday’s Democratic debate, Bloomberg should take advice from Rocky and show up as a fighter  14h00 23 février
Adam Goodman
To survive the shifting terrain of a Democratic nomination minefield Bloomberg needs to show more Rocky Balboa -- more grit, more fight and less contrition.
Christen Limbaugh Bloom: Five lies God sent Jesus to destroy   13h00 23 février
Christen Limbaugh Bloom
These five lies can be detrimental to our view of God, and in turn, the outcome of our lives.
Michael Guillen: Leap Year 2020 -- Why it’s a gift from the heavens  12h00 23 février
Michael Guillen
Leap year is a gift with absolutely no strings attached...
Paul Batura: Ronald Reagan warned us about Bernie Sanders - over 40 years ago  11h00 23 février
Paul Batura
With Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Nevada Democratic caucuses Saturday - making him the current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination - words of warning from Ronald Reagan about socialism struck me as something more Americans ought to be aware of today.
Newt Gingrich: Tuskegee Airmen fought racism at home while defending America abroad in World War II  10h00 23 février
Newt Gingrich
The Tuskegee Airmen showed that African Americans could fly and maintain sophisticated combat aircraft, overcoming intense segregation and prejudice.
John Fund: Bernie Sanders’ projected Nevada victory leaves Dem establishment scrambling - Can he be stopped?  01h02 23 février
John Fund
Sen. Bernie Sanders’ projected victory Saturday in the Nevada Democratic caucuses is a big loss for members of the party’s establishment who are hoping a more moderate candidate captures the Democratic presidential nomination to challenge President Trump.
Dan Gainor: Media’s Russia obsession returns - enables anti-Trump journalists to boost establishment Dems  21h17 22 février
Dan Gainor
The Democratic presidential candidate debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night was so bad that the media returned to a reliable script - Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.
Tucker Carlson: Russia isn’t attacking our democratic system - our own ruling class is  18h53 22 février
Tucker Carlson
Our democratic system is in fact under attack. That much is true. But it’s not the Russians who are attacking it. It’s not even the Chinese. It’s being attacked by our own ruling class. They’re undermining democracy because they have no choice.
Justin Haskins: Amy Klobuchar’s support for the socialist Green New Deal proves she’s no moderate  14h00 22 février
Justin Haskins
No politician who promoted the Green New Deal should ever be considered anything less than a socialist because that’s precisely what the GND proposed.
Tim Graham: White House correspondents get ready to host another Republican-bashing dinner  13h00 22 février
Tim Graham
Washington journalists are rejoicing that celebrity glitz and glamour are returning with their self-celebrating soiree, the White House correspondents’ dinner.
Betsy McCaughey: Sanders gets it wrong on ’Medicare-for-all’  12h00 22 février
Betsy McCaughey
It’s too bad when respected medical journals stoop to publishing partisan hackwork.