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Chinese hacking: 5 major cases of Beijing-linked cyber intrusion  00h43 24 février
Bradford Betz
Amid the growing political and economic influence of China, attention has turned to Beijing’s concerted efforts to collect data on Americans and steal scientific research.
Sue robocallers, photograph Amazon deliveries, VR after death and more: Tech Q&A  09h00 23 février
Brooke Crothers
Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital.
10 sites to watch movies for free  09h00 22 février
Kris Osborn
What should I watch? This question plagues us, no matter how we watch TV. Once we’ve binged our favorite series, seen all the recommended shows and movies, and browsed every genre we could find, we still hit a wall. What’s left? we think, as we impatiently await the third season of Westworld.
What does Apple have up its sleeve in 2020?  20h34 21 février
Kim Komando
Apple is expected to have at least two big product launches in 2020 with the first round coming possibly as early as March. The focus of the second, in the fall, will likely be a 5G iPhone.
New Army technology fast-tracks damaged tanks back to combat  20h07 21 février
Christopher Carbone
Should U.S. forces be facing a massive armored enemy ground vehicle assault, they would need their own heavily armored vehicles -- such as infantry carriers, ground forces, unmanned attack vehicles and, perhaps of greatest significance, Abrams tanks.
8 places better than Craigslist to sell your stuff  19h38 21 février
Kris Osborn
When it comes to selling things you no longer need, Craigslist is the go-to place for many people. But we’ve all heard the horror stories about Craigslist. It’s a reason why many local police departments let you conduct transactions in their facilities.
Dad of journalist Alison Parker blasts Google over videos of her murder spreading online, files FTC complaint  20h37 20 février
Brooke Crothers
The father of a television news journalist named Alison Parker blasted Google-owned YouTube for allowing despicable videos of her murder to proliferate on the popular video platform.
Navy arms amphibs with 13 F-35s, changes future attack tactics  20h20 20 février
James Rogers
Launching a massive, fast-paced air assault from the sea, providing close-air support for amphibious assault forces and bringing forward-operating surveillance and networking technology to maritime warfare -- are all part of the changing operational calculus introduced by adding F-35s to maritime...
5 Internet crimes you need to pay attention to  17h27 20 février
The 5 Internet crime trends you need to pay attention to.
YouTube videos of journalist Alison Parker’s murder still circulating, father says  17h05 20 février
The father of Alison Parker, a television news journalist who was murdered during a live broadcast in 2015, has slammed YouTube over sick videos of her slaying that continue to circulate on the video-sharing site.