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Frozen bird discovered in Siberia is 46,000 years old, scientists discover  18h12 21 février
James Rogers
A frozen bird found in the Siberian permafrost is a 46,000-year-old lark, scientists have revealed.
Shipwreck from doomed 1840s Royal Navy Arctic expedition reveals its secrets  17h35 21 février
James Rogers
Stunning artifacts have been recovered from the wreck of HMS Erebus, one of two 19th-century Royal Navy ships involved in a doomed expedition to locate the Northwest Passage.
What is a new moon?  16h26 21 février
James Rogers
The new moon is the first lunar phase, which leaves Earth’s natural satellite in shadow.
New moon on deck: What you need to know  15h13 21 février
James Rogers
The next new moon will occur on Feb. 23. Here is what you need to know.
Water spotted in Jupiter’s atmosphere  14h31 21 février
Chris Ciaccia
The largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter has a treasure trove of information for astronomers to research and observe. A new study states that the gas giant also contains water in its atmosphere.
Alien planet is on its way towards the ’edge of destruction’  13h40 21 février
Chris Ciaccia
Experts have been closely watching an exoplanet that is so close to its star, it may well be on the edge of destruction.
What should we do if a ’planet-killer’ asteroid takes aim at Earth?  10h00 21 février
Rafi Letzter
If a giant object looks like it’s going to slam into Earth, humanity has a few options: Hammer it with a spacecraft hard enough to knock it off course, blast it with nuclear weapons, tug on it with a gravity tractor, or even slow it down using concentrated sunlight.
5 African-American groundbreakers in the US space program  22h07 20 février
Frank Miles
Black in Space: Breaking the Color Barrier, scheduled to air Monday on the Smithsonian Channel, examines the race to get black astronauts into the heavens while fighting for human rights on Earth
Epic NASA photograph shows International Space Station crossing the moon  21h25 20 février
Christopher Carbone
NASA has revealed a gorgeous image of the Moon, Mars and the International Space Station.
Majestic leopard seen posing’ for camera on city streets, pictures reveal  19h18 20 février
Christopher Carbone
A majestic leopard was captured by a photographer as it seemed to pose for the camera on a city street in India.