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Bloomberg qualifies for Las Vegas debate with last-minute poll  10h48 18 février
Tyler Olson
Bloomberg hit the polling threshold to make the debate stage less than 20 hours before the window closed at midnight Tuesday.
Reporter’s Notebook: How the war-powers fight has stretched back decades  05h38 18 février
Kelly Phares
Let’s start with Operation Ajax. It was 1953. The United States, working with British intelligence, overthrew democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favor of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran.
Colorado’s Jared Polis posts photo of pit bull at governor’s mansion days after Denver mayor approves ban  01h05 18 février
Chad Pergram
The governor of Colorado found himself in an awkward situation after he posted what his office called a poorly timed tweet following the Denver mayor’s veto of a law that would have ended the ban on pit bulls in the city.
Trump attends wedding of Stephen Miller, Katie Waldman at Trump International Hotel  23h14 17 février
Vandana Rambaran
President Donald Trump went from the Daytona 500 on Sunday to attending the wedding of two top members of his administration, senior adviser Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman, press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence.
Democracy 2020 Digest: Bloomberg camp confirms candidate will debate - if he qualifies  23h10 17 février
Frank Miles
With Wednesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate in Nevada fast approaching, Mike Bloomberg remains one poll shy of making the state. But his campaign on Monday confirmed to Fox News that if he qualifies, the former New York City mayor and billionaire business and media mogul will take part...
NSA leaker Reality Winner seeks clemency, turns in thousands of letters of support  22h50 17 février
Paul Steinhauser
A former National Security Agency contractor serving a five-year prison sentence for leaking classified documents about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, is petitioning President Trump for an early release.
Dershowitz: ’Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate somebody on behalf of George Soros’  22h24 17 février
Louis Casiano
Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said Sunday he has proof that former President Barack Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate someone on behalf of George Soros, the liberal billionaire megadonor.
Bloomberg says many ’black and Latino males’ don’t ’know how to behave in the workplace,’ in newly uncovered 2011 video  21h55 17 février
Gregg Re
While promoting a 127M, three-year initiative to help minorities in the workplace in 2011, then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared that there’s this enormous cohort of black and Latino males that don’t know how to behave in the workplace and don’t have any prospects.
AOC’s competition: Meet the candidates running against Ocasio-Cortez  20h37 17 février
Gregg Re
Ocasio-Cortez’s polarizing persona has earned her a long list of challengers hoping to take her seat in November’s election.
Trump fires back after Obama claims credit for economic boom: ’Con job’  20h33 17 février
Andrew O'Reilly
President Trump fired back Monday after former President Barack Obama, in a subtle swipe at the commander in chief, claimed credit for the economic gains in both their terms.