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As a Rohingya refugee, I see a renaissance of my people’s culture in the Bangladesh camps  12h49 18 février
Mayyu Ali
It is important that genocide survivors such as myself are not seen as merely victims, dependent only on others to take up our cause on our behalf
This is the reason cases like Caroline Flack’s don’t always rely on statements from domestic violence victims  12h40 18 février
Max Hardy
There has been a sea change in the willingness of the CPS to take cases to trial irrespective of the degree of support to the prosecution, and for good reason
Petitions over Caroline Flack’s death are understandable - but they won’t lead to the change you’re hoping for  11h03 18 février
Madeline Palacz
It is admirable that people want to see action, but we’re at risk of oversimplifying the details of a tragedy we don’t have all the answers for
Sadiq Khan’s proposal for Britons to keep their EU citizenship is an unworkable gimmick  11h13 18 février
John Rentoul
The mayor is engaged in a bit of electioneering for London Remainers about any ’associate’ status
I warned about the spreading influence of eugenics - yet an advocate was able to work at Downing Street   18h23 17 février
Louise Raw
Such language has no right being anywhere near the government - and needs to be condemned by Boris Johnson and his team
Eugenics only ’works’ for delusional white men who think they’re superior - no surprise it’s infiltrated No 10, then  15h53 17 février
Tom Peck
Andrew Sabisky’s comments have drawn forth the same old dreary people. The ones who like to think they are not afraid to speak the truth, when what they’re actually not afraid of is speaking complete, well, rubbish
Reclining in your plane seat is not a natural right - get some manners and seek permission first  16h55 17 février
Chris Stevenson
Instead of driving people to punch the back of your seat, practice a little kindness and ask the person behind you. As chaotic as travelling often is, it doesn’t have to be this way
There is new hope in the fight against money laundering and corruption  18h43 12 février
Alexander Lebedev
A new panel of experts convened by the UN shows that the issue is finally being given the attention its global significance deserves
I’m a climate scientist who’s worked in Antarctica - this is what heatwaves really mean for the climate crisis  13h23 17 février
Ella Gilbert
Being able to be involved in polar research isn’t just an immense privilege - it’s the key to giving us the answers we desperately need about our future
Was the CPS really right to prosecute Caroline Flack?  12h20 17 février
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Donald Trump cannot claim peace with Afghanistan until the Taliban is dealt with   12h18 16 février
Borzou Daragahi
There has been an apparent breakthrough in talks with the Taliban - is America’s longest war drawing to a close?
We need to lie to kids about the effects of the climate crisis - at least, a little   11h21 17 février
Tanya Jackson
I’m pretty sure my son didn’t need the lecture on intensive farming practices we gave him at age 4. By all means, encourage your kid to be environmentally conscious - but let’s not scare them
Take Me Out was not brainless, vapid or sexist - as a former contestant, it was the best dating TV show we had  10h19 16 février
Meera Sharma
Power to the girls who will continue to flirt in a way that is true to themselves - as I did, in front of millions of people
Caroline Flack’s story is not ours to tell   13h40 16 février
Hannah Yelin
If we heed the Samaritans’ expertise, they would rather we focus on common risk factors in those around us, who we can help: drugs, alcohol, mental health issues and deprivation
Don’t listen to vaccination deniers, and take responsibility for yourself and your children  13h07 16 février
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