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A refugee develops a video game with a message  20h52 20 février
The goal of Lual Mayen’s video game is to survive the horrific ordeal of a refugee, an experience that his family knows well. Freddie Joyner has more.
How a robot snake could help save lives  13h28 20 février
A robot snake developed at John Hopkins University could help advance search and rescue technology.
Quantum Mind: What is quantum computing?  10h48 20 février
Quantum computers are coming. Experts believe they’re so superior to regular computers, they’ll need just minutes rather than thousands of years to perform complex tasks.
Jetpack pilot flies high above Dubai  14h19 18 février
French jetpack pilot Vince Reffet successfully took off from the ground and flew high above Dubai on Friday.
A mother-daughter ’reunion’ beyond the grave  16h14 14 février
Wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles, Jang Ji-sung burst into tears as her seven-year-old daughter, Na-yeon, emerged from behind piles of wood at a neighborhood park, her usual playground, until she died from blood-related diseases three years ago.
Judge halts Pentagon deal with Microsoft  01h45 14 février
A U.S. judge on Thursday granted Inc’s request to temporarily halt the U.S. Department of Defense and Microsoft Corp from moving forward on an up-to- 10 billion cloud computing deal that Amazon claims reflected undue influence by President Donald Trump. Jillian Kitchener has more.
Google’s fight against EU antitrust fine goes to court  10h43 12 février
Google’s fight against a 2.6 billion dollar EU antitrust fine will be played out over three days from Wednesday at Europe’s second-highest court. Joe Davies reports.
App makers get caught up in Apple antitrust probe  21h02 04 février
The U.S. Justice Department has reached out to app developers as part of the government’s investigation into alledged anti-competitive behavior at Apple, Reuters has learned exclusively. Conway G. Gittens has the details.
How silk can replace artificial ingredients in skin care and clothing  14h32 30 janvier
Most consumers are unaware of the potentially harmful chemicals that can be found in skin care products and on clothing. Now a small company from near Boston wants to lead to effort to replace artificial chemicals with natural silk protein. Ciara Lee reports
Indian space agency unveils robot rocketeer  12h15 24 janvier
India’s space agency has revealed its humanoid robot prototype, preparing for its part in the test flight for Gaganyaan - the country’s first manned mission to space.