Reuters : oddly enough : video
Pagan spring in Belarus  18h39 22 janvier
Residents of the Belarusian village of Noviny celebrated the end of New Year celebration of Koliada and greeted the imminent arrival of spring.
Protester interrupts Trump impeachment trial  23h56 22 janvier
Democratic congressman Hakeem Jeffries during his remarks at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial was abruptly interrupted by a protester, as captured on video from Senate TV.
Dark-skinned prosthetics for a white industry  18h07 21 janvier
Michael Sunday is delighted, if not a little stunned, as he admires his new right hand: A silicone glove-like prosthetic meant to help him return to normal life after he lost three fingers in a car accident a year ago.
A backyard hydroponic farm beats Zimbabwe’s drought  17h59 20 janvier
Venensia Mukarati, a 50-year-old mother of two, is using hydroponics to grow vegetables for some of Harare’s top restaurants, defying drought and an economic crisis that have left millions needing food aid.
Florida python hunters wrestle invasive snakes  12h47 20 janvier
Dozens of hunters prowled the Everglades during Florida’s 10-day Python Bowl.
Florida’s python hunters wrestle invasive snakes  22h37 17 janvier
Dozens of hunters are prowling the Everglades during Florida’s 10-day Python Bowl, which ends Monday, armed with bags and long metal hooks. Many take the snakes in live for cash prizes - in an effort to help the state fight off the invasive south Asian snakes. Jillian Kitchener has more.
Like ’rain’: LA teachers sue Delta over fuel dump  00h48 18 janvier
Four teachers sued Delta Air Lines on Friday alleging negligence for dumping jet fuel like rain in a densely populated area affecting them and their students. Gavino Garay reports.
A blessing for all - Madrid’s pets to go church  16h56 17 janvier
Cats, dogs and turtles were blessed at a church in Madrid to mark St. Anthony’s day, the patron saint of animals.
Swapping tear gas for teddy bears at Paris pension protest  12h06 17 janvier
Giant teddy bears adorned a metal police barricade at a pension reform protest in Paris on Thursday, bringing a smile to police officers’ faces in the latest round of demonstrations that have sometimes turned violent.
Wanderlust inspires Abuja’s airplane-shaped home  10h54 17 janvier
In Asokoro, a neighbourhood in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, there’s a rather unique airplane-shaped property that’s attracting attention.