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Breakingviews TV: IMF checked  17h19 21 octobre
Global growth forecasts are down again, and central bankers and even finance ministers are up against the limits of what they can do. Trade wars conducted by presidents and prime ministers are beyond the scope of the financiers’ powers, as Swaha Pattanaik explains.
Breakingviews TV: China gamble  14h11 18 octobre
Oct 18 - All’s quiet in Macau as protests rock neighbouring Hong Kong. The sparsely populated casino hub is gambling on closer ties with China and its tourists to help, but Katrina Hamlin and Robyn Mak discuss how that leaves it dangerously exposed to a mainland downturn.
Breakingviews TV: Brexit deal  16h54 17 octobre
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has an agreement for the country to leave the European Union. But Peter Thal Larsen explains that the concessions he made will make striking new trade deals harder. And whether Parliament will back his Brexit plan is too close to call.
Breakingviews TV: Zuck ad woes  17h19 16 octobre
Running political campaign messages accounts for a tiny sliver of Facebook’s revenue, but generates a welter of bad publicity. Jennifer Saba argues that the smart thing for the social media firm’s boss, Mark Zuckerberg, to do is to avoid showing political ads at all.
Breakingviews TV: Big Banks day  18h49 15 octobre
JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Wells Fargo reported third-quarter earnings of varying quality largely linked to their different business models. Antony Currie and Rob Cox discuss.
Breakingviews TV: Fouled out  14h59 11 octobre
The NBA is under pressure from Beijing over an executive’s support for Hong Kong protests. Pete Sweeney and Clara Ferreira Marques discuss what went wrong, and whether American basketball can figure out a way to stay in China.
Breakingviews TV: PG&E dimmed  17h21 10 octobre
The California utility’s shareholders just got dinged again. The bankruptcy judge let creditors file a rival restructuring plan that gives more to wildfire victims - and less to equity owners. Robert Cyran explains how this shifts power in what will probably be a long process.
Breakingviews TV: Repo riposte  17h35 09 octobre
What happened to rattle the U.S. money markets in September, and what happens next? Anna Szymanski explains the repo ructions, why the Federal Reserve had to intervene, and what it means for monetary policy in the future.
Breakingviews TV: Park strife  17h26 08 octobre
Viacom’s animated series South Park joined the host of U.S. companies apologizing to China for expressing political views. Some are more sincere than others. Jennifer Saba explains what’s at stake for companies trying to balance strong views with a need to please shareholders.
Breakingviews TV: Health check  18h38 07 octobre
American healthcare matters to voters, but the options are wide-ranging. President Trump’s vision of more private sector involvement jars with Democratic proposals for more government-funded coverage. Investors seem to expect something closer to the latter, Robert Cyran explains.