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Classic Lara Croft Cosplay by Nerea Fernandez  14h28 20 janvier
Lara Croft and ancient ruins go together like PB&J. Cosplayer Nerea Fernandez got it right.
The Mandalorian Spaghetti Western Trailer  03h19 15 janvier
Anyone needing further proof that The Mandalorian is a western set in the Star Wars universe needs to watch this Sergio Leone-inspired trailer by kingkida. Inspired.
Star Wars - Blue Monday by voordeel  01h40 30 décembre
I just came back from seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and, though I am not the biggest Star Wars fan in the world (blasphemy ), I must admit that this latest film was a fitting end to the saga. & Continue reading ’
Star Wars Instapots Coming to a Galaxy Near You  15h34 03 décembre
If you’re still struggling to find a Christmas gift for that special Star Wars loving cook, Williams Sonoma’s got you covered. You’re welcome.
Watchmen 2019 by voordeel  19h23 26 novembre
I still haven’t watched the new Watchmen series. I’m waiting for all the episodes to be aired, then I’m going to binge the hell out of it. But it’s really, really hard to wait when watching this expertly edited video & Continue reading ’
The Witcher Crib Notes  21h42 20 novembre
THE WITCHER television series is nearly upon us (but not soon enough. I want it NOW ), so it’s a great time to immerse oneself into this fantastical creation by reading the original source material (yes, it all started with a & Continue reading ’
Lego 30th Anniversary 1989 Batmobile  14h34 17 novembre
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman, Lego has come out with this exclusive and massive 3 330 piece recreation of the classic 1989 Batmobile. This little beauty has now shot up my Christmas wish list (if I & Continue reading ’
Everything You Need To Know About THE BOYS   15h09 27 juillet
Holy fracking shirt I just finished season 1 of THE BOYS and, let me tell you, season 2 cannot come fast enough. If you know nothing about this very dark, very adult superhero deconstruction comic book written by Garth Ennis & Continue reading ’
Stranger Things Seasons 1 & 2 Recap Rap  01h58 12 juillet
If you still haven’t caught up with Stranger Things season 3 because you need a refresher of the story line, then the good folks at The Warp Zone have you covered with a fantastic recap rap. Hit it boys
Toy Story vs Chucky  19h43 03 juillet
I know some toys can be dangerous to play with, but I didn’t know they could be that destructive toward each other. But I would seriously pay good money to see a movie where Chucky kills off Toy Story characters, & Continue reading ’