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British couple on Diamond Princess question positive coronavirus test  10h01 18 février
Justin McCurry in Tokyo and Rebecca Ratcliffe in Bangkok
David and Sally Abel taken off ship, as UK says it is trying to organise evacuation of British passengersCoronavirus outbreak - live updatesA British couple who published video diaries from a cruise ship quarantined off the coast of Japan say they have questioned a positive test for the coronavirus...
Mass grave shows how Black Death devastated the countryside  12h00 18 février
Esther Addley
Grave in Lincolnshire dates to medieval pandemic of 1348 and reveals rural plague catastropheA mass grave containing the remains of dozens of victims of the Black Death offers chilling new evidence of the speed and scale of the devastation the plague brought to rural England, according to...
Portugal considers subsidising UK tourists’ post-Brexit healthcare  06h13 18 février
Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent
Country looking at continuing cover offered by European health insurance cardï Portugal is considering offering British tourists subsidised post-Brexit healthcare in an effort to retain their custom in the Algarve, Lisbon and beyond.It is one of several novel measures being considered by the...
Higher alcohol taxes to fund NHS would benefit poor - study  06h00 18 février
Simon Murphy
Research appears to upend idea alcohol taxes are regressive and prompts call for rise in budgetRaising alcohol taxes does not disproportionately affect poorer households, once the effects of the potential additional funds generated to plough into the NHS are taken into account, according to a study...
Wales braces for more heavy rain after devastating floods  08h47 18 février
Josh Halliday North of England correspondent
More than 450 warnings still in place in UK as communities prepare for Storm EllenParts of Wales that have been hit by the worst floods in a generation are preparing for further rain in the next 48 hours, as more than 450 flood warnings and alerts remain in place across the UK.Heavy rain is...
Concerns over safety at Amazon warehouses as accident reports rise  22h53 17 février
Rob Davies
Figures obtained by GMB show safety at its UK warehouses could be worseningMore than 600 Amazon workers have been seriously injured or narrowly escaped an accident in the past three years, prompting calls for a parliamentary inquiry into safety at the online retailer’s vast UK warehouses.Amazon,...
Bees may struggle in winds caused by global warming, study finds  08h37 18 février
Patrick Barkham
Experiment revealed increased wind speeds reduced the efficiency of their foraging A hardworking honey bee might feel aggrieved to be tricked into a garden shed to feed from a fake flower. Worse, she is blasted by a cheap household fan. And then timed to see how many fake flowers she can visit in...
NS&I announce interest rate reductions for 25m customers  23h36 17 février
Kevin Rawlinson
Changes will take effect from May hitting premium bonds and savings accountsMillions of savers are to be hit by a series of interest rate reductions announced by the Treasury-backed savings giant NS&I.The institution, which has 25 million customers and a duty to balance the needs of savers,...
River insects and lichens bucking trend of wildlife losses  16h00 17 février
Damian Carrington Environment editor
Reductions in air and water pollution are most likely reason, say scientistsFreshwater insects, mosses and lichens are bucking the trend of wildlife losses in the UK and have expanded their ranges since 1970, according to a new study. Reductions in air and water pollution are the most likely reason...
Sixteen more snakes dumped in pillowcases in Sunderland  17h49 17 février
PA Media
Discovery of reptiles comes days after 13 royal pythons were found in same locationA second nest of 16 snakes has been found dumped outside a fire station, days after 13 royal pythons were found in the same spot. Related: Scottish animal welfare baffled by python mutilation in Aberdeen Continue...
Sequins, spoofs and salaciousness: meet drag king and queen improv duo Dragprov  12h45 18 février
Ella Braidwood
From Eaton Messe’s cutting jokes to Christian Adore’s excellent singing, Dragprov are bringing glamour to improvised comedyIn a small room at London’s Vault festival, drag king Christian Adore is trapped inside an imaginary dungeon. Clad in a sequined burgundy suit, he is taunted by drag queen...
Andrew Sabisky: minister urges review of No 10 hiring process  09h35 18 février
Kate Proctor
Kwasi Kwarteng says views of Johnson ex-adviser are racist, offensive and objectionable’ The business minister Kwasi Kwarteng has said the process for hiring staff to advise Downing Street needs to be looked at following the resignation of the Tory adviser Andrew Sabisky over his controversial...
Sadiq Khan urges EU to offer Britons ’associate citizenship’  06h00 18 février
Daniel Boffey in Brussels
Guy Verhofstadt’s idea would give continued freedom of movement to those who wanted itShare your thoughts The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will use a trip to Brussels to implore EU negotiators to be open to continued free movement for Britons through associate citizenship .With the backing of the...
New chancellor Rishi Sunak sticks to 11 March budget date  10h07 18 février
Phillip Inman
The 39-year-old has three weeks to sort out programme after Sajid Javid’s exitThe budget will go ahead on 11 March, the Treasury said on Tuesday, forcing the new chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to piece together a fresh tax and spending programme over the next three weeks.A delay was expected after Sunak...
Julian Assange: Australian MPs call on UK to block US extradition  11h25 18 février
Ben Quinn
Politicians from WikiLeaks founder’s home country have flown to UK to visit him in jailBoris Johnson should block attempts to extradite Julian Assange to the US, say two Australian MPs who have flown to the UK to visit the WikiLeaks founder.Andrew Wilkie, an independent federal MP, said the...