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The Huge Boeing 777x Was About To Take Off On Its Maiden Test Fight Today Now Delayed  08h08 23 janvier
James Asquith, Contributor
At 10 am PST (1 pm EST) today the bOEING 777X will fly for the first time. The world’s largest twin-engine passenger jet will take to the skies for the first time today. The 777X is the next generation variant of the hugely successful 777 program that was initially developed in the 1990s.
Travel Ban Directed Against U.S. Citizens, Not Foreign Countries  05h07 23 janvier
Stuart Anderson, Contributor
The travel ban is primarily against U.S. citizens who want to live with a foreign-born spouse or child in America, not foreign countries.
New Survey Shows Consumers Miss Out On Credit Card Rewards  05h00 23 janvier
Gary Stoller, Contributor
More than half of consumers who don’t carry a monthly balance on their rewards credit cards are missing out on the rewards, a new survey released Thursday shows.
Jacquemus Takes On Sustainability  04h40 23 janvier
Samantha Tse, Contributor
This season, Porte Jacquemus wanted to adopt a more sustainable approach to his label. There were no physical invites and no sets. He also chose to show a co-ed show, which will showcase both collections twice a year, rather than four.
Brisbane’s Gallery Of Modern Art Is The Most Important Cultural Institution In Australia Here’s Why  04h17 23 janvier
Laura Parker, Contributor
QAGOMA’s role in acquiring, exhibiting, and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art has made it one of the most culturally rich and diverse modern art galleries in Australia.
8 Best Scotch Whiskies For Burns Night  03h16 23 janvier
Karla Alindahao, Contributor
Tommy Tardie, of Fine & Rare and Flatiron Room fame in New York City, curated the best (but not prohibitively expensive) Scotch expressions so you can celebrate Burns Night like a pro.
How Pioneer Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Found What She Needed To Thrive  01h19 23 janvier
Jeryl Brunner, Contributor
For the past eight seasons Karen Azenberg has been Artistic Director of one of the nation’s most successful regional theaters.
Denver Fashion Week Helps American Designers To Succeed  23h59 22 janvier
Stephan Rabimov, Contributor
For over thirteen years Denver Fashion Week in Colorado offers an inclusive platform for American designers to showcase their collections.
Consumer Reports Urges Carmakers To End Support For Trump Fuel Economy Freeze  23h15 22 janvier
Greg Gardner, Contributor
Ford, Volkswagen, Honda and BMW have agreed to standards set by the California Air Resources Board that will increase the average fuel economy of their fleets by 3.7% each year from 2021 to 2026. The Trump administration wants to freeze federal fuel economy standards at 2020 levels.
Dan Zaharoni, Erudite CEO: From The Earth Responds To Five Succinct Questions  22h32 22 janvier
Warren Bobrow, Contributor
First, simply seeing the products displayed in a safe, welcoming, commercial environment that most legal dispensaries provide does much to erase the stigma for people who have historically seen marijuana sold on street corners or through underground trap shops.
Emotional Support Animals May No Longer Be Allowed On Flights  22h10 22 janvier
Lisette Voytko, Forbes Staff
The days of Noah’s Ark in the air are hopefully coming to an end.
From Royal Tiaras To Tribal Art: A Must-See Guide To A Crown Jewel Of Global Art Fairs  22h04 22 janvier
Natasha Gural, Contributor
In its 32nd year, the annual art, antiques and design fair in Maastricht, Netherlands, is regarded as one of the world’s leading art fairs. TEFAF (originally The European Fine Art Fair) 2020 will feature 280 exhibitors at MECC (Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre) from March 7-15.
Trend? With Electric Car Incentives Lapsing, New Jersey Adds In Up To 5,000 For EV Buyers  21h00 22 janvier
Bill Roberson, Contributor
Federal incentive programs designed to boost the sales of electric cars are beginning to expire, so New Jersey is stepping up with its own aggressive plan to boost sales and implement more charging stations.
Do You Own One Of The 10 Best Engines Of 2020?  20h59 22 janvier
Bryan Campbell, Contributor
As each year passes, the automotive industry landscape adapts to the wants and needs of the consumer and there are few places where that’s more clearly on display than the list of Wards 10 Best Engines.
You Can Now Book The Most Exclusive, Highly Curated, Private Jet Africa Trip  20h48 22 janvier
Laurie Werner, Contributor
The luxury custom travel organizer Roar Africa and Emirates Airlines are teaming up to offer an exclusive, intimate trip to the four iconic experiences in Africa.