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A Fertilizer Will Soon Power Ocean-Going Ships  06h30 22 février
Emanuela Barbiroglio, Contributor
The research considers opportunities and challenges associated with the manufacture and future use of the product, today mainly known as a fertiliser.
The Arithmetic Of Fracking  21h54 21 février
Ed Hirs, Contributor
Fracking has saved consumers (voters) 1 trillion plus over the past ten years. A frack ban would cut those savings and could increase domestic and global emissions.
Two Houston Women At Forefront Of Energy Industry’s Fight Against Human Trafficking  20h50 21 février
Rebecca Ponton, Contributor
I started to see how our industry, like other male-dominated industries, was being targeted. Unfortunately, the elements in our industry create the perfect storm for a trafficker and no one knows because they’re told these women choose’ this profession, which is a lie and [part of] the deception.
Trump Condemns California Wind Farm As Decrepit Eagle Killer  19h47 21 février
Christopher Helman, Forbes Staff
Trump believes the San Gorgonio wind farm to be a blight on Palm Springs.
The Case For Pivoting Into Renewable Energy  19h06 21 février
Frank Holmes, Contributor
Even if you’re not personally sold on the idea of sustainability and green energy, you must acknowledge that this is the direction the world is headed in. Rather than fight it, we’ve made the decision to follow the money.
Elementary: U.K.’s 36 Million Bet On Hydrogen, Explained  15h30 21 février
David Vetter, Contributor
The U.K. government has awarded 28 million ( 36 million) to five hydrogen projects, as part of the country’s efforts to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
By Celebrating Women Every Day, Can We Innovate For Good Faster?  15h23 21 février
Mike Hughes, Contributor
If we celebrated female achievement every day, not just on International Women’s Day, could we inspire the next generation of female scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and thinkers who will help us address the climate change emergency faster?
Cities Step Up Emissions Cuts As Climate Change Starts To Bite  15h00 21 février
Mike Scott, Contributor
Cities are increasingly at the forefront of the battle against climate change - not only will the issue affect them disproportionately but they can have an outsize impact in tackling it as well.
Rolls-Royce Reignites The Race To Build Mini-Nuclear Power Plants  14h10 21 février
Ariel Cohen, Contributor
Last month, global manufacturer Rolls-Royce announced plans to build 10-15 small modular reactors (SMRs) in the United Kingdom by 2029.
Trump Administration To Divert More Of California’s Water To Farming, Impacting Power Production And Wildlife  13h20 21 février
Ken Silverstein, Contributor
The president signed a declaration this week diverting more of California’s waters supply to farmers -- a move that impacts wildlife and power production. California responded by suing to stop the move.
Have We Passed Peak Growth’ For Tight Oil?  08h38 21 février
Wood Mackenzie, Contributor
Has U.S. oil production growth hit the buffers? Supply has boomed over the last decade, disrupting the market, domestically and internationally. But weak commodity markets and corporate strategies are now taking their toll, undermining the expected growth path in the near term.
The Solar Revolution Is Coming: Duck   21h55 20 février
David Carlin, Contributor
If the solar power revolution is to continue, it will need to deal with the duck. Electricity operators are already struggling to balance consumer demand and intermittent supply. Fortunately, a series of major advances including better battery storage are paving the way to a sunny future.
Three Lessons For EVs From 2010s’ Failures  19h11 20 février
Navigant Research, Contributor
The 2010s mark the first full decade of the modern EV.
Energy Systems Can Contribute To The Decline Of Freshwater Ecosystems - Or Help Reverse It  18h29 20 février
Jeff Opperman, Contributor
From hydropower dams that fragment rivers and block fish migration to thirsty crops for biofuels that contribute to the depletion of water resources, the energy sector has a significant impact on freshwater resources and ecosystems and thus must be a big part of the push for solutions.
Austria’s OMV Wants To Dominate 50B Global Market For Synthetic Oil Made From Plastic Waste  16h10 20 février
Gaurav Sharma, Contributor
In an exclusive interview, the company’s Chief Downstream Operations Officer Thomas Gangl says OMV has first mover’s advantage and a pretty high pain threshold in finding a circular economy for plastics.