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Building A Strong Development Team From The Start  12h10 18 février
Christopher Yang, CommunityVoice
Building a development team is like assembling a sports team: Every member must know their role, position on the team and overall goal.
Consumer Privacy Takes Priority in 2020  12h00 18 février
Eugenio Pace, CommunityVoice
Here are a few predictions on how this consumer call for action will (and should) be a catalyst for greater privacy, identity protection and security in 2020.
Racial Microaggressions In Science  11h40 18 février
Marshall Shepherd, Contributor
What are racial microaggressions and how do they appear within science communities?
Don’t Ground These Sneakers  11h00 18 février
Steve Forbes, Forbes Staff
Those U.S. and global sports regulators and overseers aflutter about a new Nike shoe should chill out.
What Really Kept American Women From Going To Space For So Long?  07h00 18 février
Ethan Siegel, Contributor
A fascinating new book tells the untold stories of two women, Jackie Cochran and Jerrie Cobb, who could have been first.
Betelgeuse Has Finally Stopped Dimming, Says Astronomer  04h04 18 février
Bruce Dorminey, Contributor
Betelgeuse has been acting strangely, but don’t expect any fireworks in the next 100,000 years; rumors of a pending supernova have all been overhyped.
Sheila Morovati, Founder Of The Non-Profit Habits Of Waste, Commends Celebrities Who Endorse Veganism  01h43 18 février
Laura Tenenbaum, Contributor
The all-vegan menu sends the message to millions of people that animal agriculture is a major contributor to climate change due to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity, and water pollution.
Genetic Research Suggests The Last Mammoths On Earth Were A Sick And Dying Breed  20h44 17 février
David Bressan, Contributor
When the great pyramids were built, a population of mammoths persisted on a remote Siberian island, but inbreeding limited their genetic fitness leading to their inevitable extinction.
Bezos Pledges 10 Billion Nearly 10% Of Net Worth Toward Solving Climate Change  20h17 17 février
Sergei Klebnikov, Forbes Staff
Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet, Bezos said
Bomb Cyclone Storm Dennis Churned Up A Ghost Ship Far From Home  20h13 17 février
Eric Mack, Contributor
An intense storm that lashed the UK with flooding rains and strong winds also seems to have turned up an abandoned cargo ship from Africa that’s been adrift in the Atlantic for many months.
SpaceX Launches Fifth Starlink Mega Constellation Mission But Misses Booster Landing  16h17 17 février
Jonathan O'Callaghan, Contributor
SpaceX has successfully launched 60 more Starlink satellites, its third Starlink mission in 2020 and its fifth overall, as it continues to rapidly expand its mega constellation to provide high-speed internet around the globe.
Rubber Road Idea Bounces Back  12h36 17 février
Carlton Reid, Contributor
Bouncy asphalt made from recycled tires could help to prevent injuries to pedestrians and cyclists, reports The Times on February 17, seemingly unaware that rubber roads were reasonably commonplace in the 1890s.
These 22 Pictures Are The Perfect Farewell To NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope  07h00 17 février
Ethan Siegel, Contributor
One of NASA’s original great observatories, Spitzer showed us the infrared Universe as never before.
Moon Eclipses’ Mars Then Itself As A False Dusk’ Glows: What You Can See In The Night Sky This Week  03h00 17 février
Jamie Carter, Contributor
The celestial highlights for the week ahead.
Why Does This Colombian Have Her Head In The Clouds? For Science   15h00 16 février
Andrew Wight, Contributor
Colombian scientist Camila Rodriguez-Gomez is studying the clouds in the Valley of Mexico in hopes of finding clues to what influences them to form. #globalsouthscience