Espresso Machine Now Powers Plants  12h00 22 février
Kristina Panos
This thing has what plants crave No, not electrolytes exactly just water, light, and moisture polling every 30 minutes. We think it’s fitting to take something that once manufactured liquid liveliness for humans and turn it into a smart garden that does the same thing for plants. So let’s &read...
Introducing The XFM2: A New FM Synthesizer Board  09h00 22 février
Maya Posch
René Ceballos] contacted us about the new XFM2 FM synthesizer board, successor to the XFM that we covered on Hackaday last year. In addition to changing FPGAs from a Spartan 6 to an Artix-7 35, the DAC was also upgraded from 16 to 24 bits. Since the project is based &read mor
Restoring the Coolest Laptop Ever  06h00 22 février
Dan Maloney
Well-seasoned readers will no doubt remember GRiD laptops, the once and always tacti-cool computers that dominated the military market for decades. GRiDs were the first laptops to go to space, and they were coveted for their sleek (for the time) good looks and reputation as indestructible machines....
How To Slice Lightweight Aircraft Parts For 3D Printing  03h00 22 février
Lewin Day
Historically, remote control aircraft were produced much like their early full-sized counterparts. Wooden structures were covered with adhesives and taut fabric membranes. Other techniques later came to the fore, with builders looking to foam and other materials. Of course, these days 3D printers...
Arkanoid Clock Is Exactly What It Sounds Like  00h00 22 février
Lewin Day
A clock can be a simple device that keeps you aware of the current time, but it can also be so much more. It can express an aesthetic ideal from yesteryear, or be a throwback to a popular cultural touchstone. It can even be both, in the case of the &read more
Steel Pegboard Makes For A Tidy Charging Station  21h00 21 février
Tom Nardi
Do you have a bunch of electronic devices that all have different styles of chargers and batteries? Of course you do, so does everyone else. While there’s been some headway made towards standardizing on USB (and more recently, USB-C) for charging, there are still plenty of gadgets out there that ...
Software Defined Everything with Mike Ossmann and Kate Temkin  19h31 21 février
Jenny List
Software defined radio has become a staple of the RF tinkerer, but it’s likely that very few of us have ever taken their software defined toolchain outside the bounds of radio. It’s an area explored by Mike Ossmann and Kate Temkin in their newly published Supercon talk as they use &read more