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eBook] How To Become A Exper  15h38 13 février
Mathieu Rouart
If you’ve been around here for a while, you know we’re always talking about ways content curation can help businesses thrive. Any industry and company size can benefit from strategic content curation. The post [eBook] How To Become A Expert appeared first on Blog.
Building Brand Into Every Step of the Content Development Process  04h00 05 février
Christine Glossop
Content marketing plays different roles at different stages in the customer journey, but there’s one role it needs to play at every stage in that journey supporting your brand. At first glance, supporting your brand can sound like a frivolous pursuit. However, when you consider that 82% of...
How to use content to increase employee engagement, retention, and happiness  16h00 23 janvier
Marijana Kay
The growth of each company depends on two essential groups: its employees and its customers. More often than not, companies put a lot of emphasis on the customer part. It’s reasonable: successful marketing can grow your company for years to come. However, if your employees aren’t engaged and...
7 of the Costliest Blogging Mistakes Businesses Frequently Make  12h01 14 janvier
Larry Alton
It doesn’t take much to start a blog. All you need is some basic internet know-how and you can use a drag-and-drop CMS system to design a sleek blog and begin publishing content. Unfortunately, these low barriers to entry enable businesses to start blogs without much of an investment in learning...
Content alerts: why you need them and how to set them up right  16h00 02 janvier
Marijana Kay
Do you have a process of monitoring trending topics and content online? Or content from your competitors? How about mentions of your own brand (or founders and executives)? There’s no one single place to do this. You can use Google search and social media platforms (search, hashtags, and mentions),...
Curating Content for the Disabled: A Guide to Web Accessibility  16h00 19 décembre
Jyoti Agrawal
Imagine this: You’re working on content curation for your business site’s blog. You’ve plotted out different audiences and created personas and researched which customer needs and interests you need to address. You’ve thought about which relevant content you need to keep driving traffic while...
How to Improve Collaboration Between Marketers and Content Creators  23h58 11 décembre
Matt Shealy
By some estimates, as much as 90% of the marketing content that’s created never gets used. There are plenty of reasons behind this shortcoming. Salespeople are busy. They may not have the time to sort through an endless marketing library when they have an engaged prospect on the line. Marketers...
How can you edit and organize your content with  16h00 10 décembre
Marijana Kay
You already know that content curation can empower not just your content marketing, but all of your marketing efforts across the board. Some of the biggest challenges that come with content curation include questions like: How can I find the right content to curate? What should be my content...
How to distribute your content with  16h00 28 novembre
Marijana Kay
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? When we talk about content marketing, this thought experiment makes a lot of sense. If we create a piece of content, but it wasn’t seen by many people or any at all can it make any impact at all? When it comes to...
10 new feature: level up your email newsletter campaigns in  15h00 25 novembre
Marijana Kay
The way we feel about newsletters here at was never a secret. Some platforms diminish your reach so much it can destroy your business if you rely on them (looking at you, Facebook), and others get entirely wiped off the face of the planet (looking at you, Google ). This dynamic will never...