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Secret of Mana RPGCast Part 17: Return of Flammie  19h00 17 février
Alex Jedraszczak
Our boy returns Oh, and some other stuff happens, too.
GC Podcast #140: Irrationally Upset About Temtem  19h00 03 février
Joseph Martin
Joseph is irrationally upset, Jeddy struggles with being a strong, independent woman, and Anna finds her newest, truest love.
This Yard Has Saled #9: Trying to Feel the Sunshine  19h00 27 janvier
Matt Breslau
Will it brighten up my day?
Secret of Mana RPGCast Part 16: Truce and Lies  19h00 20 janvier
Alex Jedraszczak
It seems like it was seven months ago...but really, it was only yesterday
GC Podcast #139: Games of the Decade  19h00 06 janvier
Joseph Martin
What games defined the 2010s?
The Halo Mega Blog: My Formal Apology to Halo Wars  19h00 03 janvier
Daniel Castro
In a twist, Daniel goes back and retracts everything bad he said about Halo Wars in an article from 2012, and provides an updated take on this game, and thoughts on the series as a whole.
Secret of Mana RPGCast: Season 2 Preview Revue  19h00 16 décembre
Alex Jedraszczak
New episodes coming soon
GC Podcast #138: When the Pokémon Get Real Big  19h00 02 décembre
Joseph Martin
And I mean REAL BIG. Like, you don’t even know.
Hacks’n’Slash #20 Part 2: The Subspace Emissary’s Worlds Conquest Chapt. 3 - Odder Oddness  19h00 18 novembre
Joseph Martin
Chris develops a little problem...
GC Podcast #137: Real Basketball Cosplay  19h00 04 novembre
Joseph Martin
Finally, I can live my dream of Playing Basketball.