Atlas obscura
Gavez Klub in Belgrade, Serbia  00h15 23 janvier
Jessica Leigh Hester
Named after a local plant, Gavez Klub is a family-operated restaurant secluded in the urban woods along the Sava River in Belgrade, Serbia. According to the manager, Djenka Mihajlovic, the gavez herb is used in folk medicine to fix bones and local folklore describes its use for magic by witches....
The Transformation of Namibia’s Etosha Pan, From Parched to Soaked  22h56 22 janvier
Jen Pinkowski
The Etosha Pan, in northern Namibia, is no stranger to extremes. The white, salty landscape leftover from a prehistoric lake that dried up millions of years ago is often dry, cracked, and dusty; the name means the bare place or the great white place in Oshindonga, a regional dialect of the...
Why American Kids Have Been Going to Soviet Sleepaway Camp  22h46 22 janvier
Sabrina Imbler
Like thousands of kids across the globe, Anton Belaschenko went to sleepaway camp last summer. The 11-year-old from Bethesda, Maryland swam in the sea, went sailing, hiked in the mountains, and sang camp songs. He made new friends and ate the most amazing pancakes in the world. He and his...
Charcuterie in Unity, Maine  22h30 22 janvier
Selena Hoy
A decade ago, you would have found Matthew Secich in the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant, shouting obscenities at underlings as he hustled to prepare that night’s service. Then, he left the high-stress world behind, converted to the Amish faith, and, along with his family, opened a small...
Scientists Are Simulating Mass Animal Die-Offs in an Oklahoma Prairie  21h52 22 janvier
Isaac Schultz
It’s the smell that will never leave Brandon Barton. He has spent years dealing with tons of decomposing hog carcasses, and considers himself a grizzled old pro, impressively desensitized to the noxious stench. But even miles away from the field where the hogs were placed in the name of science...
Tomb of Hernán Cortés in Mexico City, Mexico  21h00 22 janvier
Sukhada Tatke
Hernán Cortés was the conqueror of Tenochtitlán and the first governor of Mexico. After living with absolute power, Cortés died ill and almost in poverty. He desired to be buried in Coyoacán. However, the story surrounding the whereabouts of his remains is worthy of a novel. It’s believed Cortés...
The Lanchester Diploma in Durham, England  20h00 22 janvier
Priya Krishna
Britain has well over 2,000 museums, some large and grand in scale and scope, while others posse a more intimate vibe that reflects the closeness of their collection to the community. The latter is certainly the case with the Museum of Archaeology in Durham. Among the taxidermy animals and the...
A Japanese Sculptor’s Tribute to Wild Rice Covers an Australian Floodplain  19h00 22 janvier
Sam Harrison
Takamitsu Tanabe wants to take a walk. Meeting in the suburbs of Yokohama, a city south of Tokyo, we make our way to the Matsunokawa Greenway, a trail that runs through the town. The path is unkempt, with native trees and grasses sprawling in tangled tufts across the walkway. It’s deliberate,...
Creemore Jail in Creemore, Ontario  18h56 22 janvier
Leah Feiger
Also known as the little-lockup, this tiny jail was constructed around 1892 at an apparent cost of 425.20. Measuring only 4.5 x 6 meters, it’s the smallest jail in Ontario and may the smallest in North America. Inside houses only three tiny cells. The jail is free to visit and go inside. The...
Oratory of San Pellegrino in Bominaco, Italy  18h00 22 janvier
Bradley Allf
Bominaco is a small hamlet located about 18 miles (30 kilometers) from the regional capital of L’Aquila. It’s a region that boasts an extraordinary testament to 13th-century Italian religious art. Between the hamlet and the ruins of a castle are two churches that remind visitors of the site’s...
Silcher Monument in Tübingen, Germany  16h00 22 janvier
Jessica Leigh Hester
This monument, dedicated to a local composer, can be found on the Neckarinsel, a man-made island in the Neckar River in Tübingen. Unlike most public artworks that were erected during the Nazi period, this statue was not destroyed after World War II. It is one of the last pieces of Nazi-commissioned...
Palace Diner in Biddeford, Maine  15h50 22 janvier
Mark Hay
Almost 100 years ago, the Palace Diner would have moved. It would have parked outside one of the then-functioning textile mills in Biddeford, Maine, when each shift let out. The barrel-roofed, stainless-steel car would have bulged with row after row of exhausted, sooted workers eager to stifle the...
Dambusters Memorial in Woodhall, England  14h00 22 janvier
In May 1943, aircraft from the 617 squadron of the Royal Air Force attacked and breached two large dams in the Ruhr Valley, Germany. This was done using the famous bouncing bomb developed by Barnes Wallis. This memorial to the fallen members of the squadron (initially formed specifically for...
9 Years Later, Furry Friends and Foes Are Returning to Fukushima   23h21 21 janvier
Nuclear fallout is often characterized by its human toll: the immediate casualties, the complete exodus from the region, the radioactivity that continues to permeate the lives of those affected, and the surrounding area, for years afterward. But less attention is paid to the affected animals, which...
Expreso Virgen de Guadalupe in Lima, Peru  21h45 21 janvier
If you go strolling in the Barranco district of Lima, Peru, you may be surprised to find an antique train car seemingly stranded near the neighborhood’s central plaza. And if you are a coffee lover, then your surprise may be followed by delight when you detect the aroma of fresh java. That’s...