The yes men
Peace Pipeline  14h39 28 octobre
Andy Bichlbaum
An Indigenous pipeline company began demonstratively destroying Duluth, beginning with sacred remains relocations at Duluth cemeteries (one clumsy team kept dropping a casket as horrified churchgoers looked on), construction surveys at Duluth’s most elite country clubs, brochures and door...
Zombies Zing ZA  13h35 01 octobre
Andy Bichlbaum
Project reference: Nats Never DieZombies Zing ZA After a horde of apartheid-era zombies took over Cape Town, activists spoofed the City’s response. But the reality is no joke. A horde of decrepit zombies (photos and videos here) swarmed Cape Town with a message that became front-page news...
Nats Never Die  17h48 25 septembre
The Yes Men join Reclaim the City in their fight against unjust housing policy On 30 September, a horde of zombies attended a #NatsNeverDie rally at the Cape Town Civic Centre to celebrate Mayor Dan Plato and the Mayoral Committee and to support their policies, which are increasingly similar to...
Won’t you be our valentine?  04h18 11 février
Andy Bichlbaum
Dearest Friends and Lovebirds, Can you help us spread the love this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got four recent shareable projects that are all about love... and just for good measure, a special message of hate First, the love: SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS As many of you know, Trump fled office in January,...
Trump is over - if you want it  16h34 16 janvier
Andy Bichlbaum
Project reference: Trump Is Over - If You Want ItUnauthorized Special Edition of the Washington Post: Trump Flees White House Bye-Bye 45 offers road map to creating the near future we want and need Contact: byebye45 theyesmen.orgFor a physical copy of the paper, visit our store or donate...
BlackRock Does the Right Thing  18h00 13 janvier
In the early morning of January 16, a few hours before announcing their fourth-quarter 2018 earnings, Laurence Fink, CEO of the biggest asset management company, received an email copy of his annual letter to investors. There was just one problem: he had not sent the real one out yet. The letter,...
A last-minute holiday gift that (de-)Trumps all   01h10 12 décembre
Andy Bichlbaum
Dear Friend, Remember when we told you we were cooking up a surprise something that would put a smile on your face and a big ugly orange grimace on someone else’s? Well, our world-jiggling plan’s nearly here Like thousands of you, we worked hard around the midterm elections. The House and many...
Other stuff to think about  02h28 15 mai
Andy Bichlbaum
An action occurring alone in the woods (or on a sidewalk) may or may not make a sound, but it definitely won’t make much noise in the media... unless you actively do something to get it heard. Journalists are your audience: make them laugh Basically we try to make journalists with our projects. If...
Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist  02h26 15 mai
Andy Bichlbaum
Let’s stop worrying about doing big actions and blasting the word out in various ways like Twitter and Facebook, banking on the theory that the sheer mass of information will trigger media coverage. Instead let’s start putting ourselves in the shoes of journalists as a matter of course. When...
How to write a press release  02h23 15 mai
Andy Bichlbaum
This is intended to model a reveal release, i.e. one telling the truth. Fake releases have a somewhat different logic from the below; for those, see for example Three Strikes You’re In, Coal Cares, and GE. For a similar guide to making Video News Releases, see How To Report the News by Charlie...