PeSTO: Piece Square Tables Only  10h48 04 janvier
Right now PeSTO is participating in the Qualification League of TCEC S17. PeSTO is an experimental chess engine in that it has only minimal chess knowledge in it’s evaluation and that it depends on the AB search as much as possible as opposed to the recent development of Neural Network engines...
New rofChade released: version 2.202  10h25 20 septembre
This release is mainly a bugfix of release 2.2, it also contains a LMR tweak which will add around 10 elo. The bug: When the search was pondering or in infinite analysis mode, sometimes the search would return a bestmove prematurely. This is not correct and some GUI’s can not cope with this bug...
New rofChade released: version 2.2  16h18 06 septembre
After a longer period of little activity I got a boost to develop a new rofChade version after trying a retune with the lichess-good set as discussed in the topic about Texel tuning viewtopic.php?f 7&t 71469#p807692, I got an elo increase of around 30 elo So thanks Fabian, Jon and Vivien for...
New rofChade released: version 2.1  09h28 26 avril
There is a new official release available of rofChade, version 2.1. Between version 2.0 and 2.1 multiple intermediate versions have been participating in different tournaments (TCEC, CCC, International GSEI web tournament, Swiss tournament and Graham’s Amateur Series). In addition to multiple...
New version with regular eval released: rofChade 2.0  17h41 20 décembre
A preliminary version of rofChade with regular evaluation terms has been participating in TCEC season 14, so it’s time to release an official version which is entitled version 2.0. Version is a slightly enhanced version compared to the one that was competing at TCEC. For more details see the...
TCEC Season 14, Div3 sixth place  14h03 16 décembre
During the Div4 tournament I had been experimenting with the search part of rofChade together with the added evaluation terms. Version 1.0 only had material and Piece Square Tables for evaluation, but with the added evaluation elements it seems that LMR reductions can be a more aggressive than...
TCEC Season 14, Div4 second place  13h42 16 décembre
Thanks to the great work of Graham Banks rofChade was able to participate in the TCEC Season 14 tournament. There was a small problem however, I was still in the middle of playing, testing and tuning of rofChade for the upcoming CSVN tournament, so there was not a rofChade version available and the...
Rofchade split 1st place at 12th ACCA World Computer Rapid Chess Championships  18h46 15 décembre
On October 20 21 2018 rofChade participated at the 12th ACCA World Computer Rapid Chess Championships, and finished 1st together with Komodo and Chiron. After 2 tie breaks, Komodo won the tournament, while rofChade finished 3th. The participating rofChade version was a preliminary version with...
First rating for Rofchade 1.0 at the CCRL 40 4 rating list: 2794  18h13 11 septembre
Last week the amazing guys of CCRL tested Rofchade 1.0 against multiple other chessengines, and it achieved an ELO rating of 2794 on the CCRL 40 4 rating list for the single threaded version, an amazing result considering Rofchade only uses piece square tables and material value for its evaluation...
First official release of rofchade  12h55 27 août
After the good results in the monthly HGM tournament is’t time to finally create the first official release of rofchade, entitled rofchade 1.0 . Windows and MacOs executables can be downloaded from the download page. After cleanup and restructuring of the sources I will also make the download of...