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Introduction to AP Computer Science A  09h26 29 juillet
AP Computer Science A is a challenging course aimed at advanced high school students who want to get a head start on their college studies. AP Computer Science A is managed by the College Board which sets the topics and scope of studies and creates and administers the AP Computer Science A exam....
Video Tutorial: Pong in Python 3  03h06 05 août
One of the most common requests I get on my YouTube channel is for a Pong tutorial. Well viewers, here you go Pong is one of the earliest videogames; it was created by Atari and released in 1972, about six months after I was born The concept is simple, there are two paddles and a ball. Players...
Where do I Begin?  15h02 31 juillet
One of the most common questions beginners have is Where do I begin? And what order should I learn? As of this blog post, I’ve been teaching Python for four years and have developed a number of tutorials for use with my students. Many of them can be found on this blog - the rest can be found on...
Video Tutorial: Python Missile Command   04h07 23 janvier
Missile Command is one of the classic video games of the early 1980s, along with Pacman, Donkey Kong, Frogger, and Space Invaders, amongst others. In contrast to most other games of the time, you used a trackball to target enemy missiles that were threating to annihilate you and your planet. The...
Simple Python Game Tutorial Using Classes  04h12 03 mars
Python is a great language, especially for beginners. Once you get a few concepts under your belt, you naturally want to start making some games If you are just getting started, you will want to check out my previous (simpler) tutorial called A Simple Python Turtle Graphics Game. This tutorial is...
Video Tutorial: Python Spacewar Game   05h47 30 novembre
Spacewar was one of the earliest videogames, originally created on a PDP-1 in 1962 The original version did not have gravity or hyperspace options, but later versions did. This tutorial walks you through the steps for creating a somewhat similar game using nothing more than the built-in turtle...
Video Tutorial: Python To-Do-List (GUI Version)  04h43 13 janvier
Python’s built-in GUI library, Tkinter, is a great way to get started in the world of GUI programming. You will find a number of useful GUI elements (widgets) that you can use with your programs. In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to create a program that creates a simple To-Do list. It...
Video Tutorial: Python Guessing Game (GUI Version)  02h00 21 octobre
Python is a great language and there are a lot of resources on the Internet about how to program Python. One thing I find is that a lot of so-called beginner tutorials are actually pretty complicated. In particular, I set out to learn a little bit about GUI programming using Tkinter and found the...
Global Codeathon Scratch Tutorials  01h59 09 mai
The Global Codeathon brings together students from numerous schools around the world for a day of Scratch coding, learning, and sharing. In preparation, I have created a couple of tutorials aimed and the relative beginner. Each project has a video component and an accompanying handout. The video...
Video Tutorial: A Simple Python Turtle Graphics Game  01h15 02 avril
Seymour Papert and his colleagues invented the programming language Logo back in 1967. Generations of schoolchildren learned to move a little graphical turtle around their computer screens in order to learn the basic concepts behind coding. Python, an excellent programming language for beginners,...