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6 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your French  16h54 02 janvier
For all learners looking to take their French to the next level, this post offers solid New Year’s resolutions. Here are the suggestions of a French teacher in Paris on ...
5 Relevant Podcasts to Learn French  13h47 11 juillet
Podcasts are an easy way to get language practice on the go. What are the best French language podcasts to practice your French and make prompt progress? Here is a ...
What are the Benefits of French Tutoring?  08h57 04 novembre
Are you struggling with learning French? Perhaps you were really excited about taking a foreign language when the year began, but now it seems you’re finding it a challenge If ...
Business French Idioms to Use at Work  17h19 17 mars
Working in a French office can be daunting, especially if you haven’t mastered the business French idioms I’ve put together some frequent, informal French expressions to use at work. Avoir ...
What is the Best Method to Prepare the DELF B2 Exam?  17h25 11 janvier
The DELF (Diplôme d’étude en langue française) is an official language examination for non-native speakers of French The DELF B2 is adapted to upper-intermediate and advanced students of French The ...
Amélie’s Filming Locations in Montmartre, Paris  08h34 26 décembre
Amélie is a poetic French movie released in 2001, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet The film, which is set in the district of Montmartre, is a poetic depiction of contemporary Parisian ...
Creating a French Travel Journal  08h35 07 septembre
How to Write a French Travel Journal with your Students of French Scenario You and a friend participated in a competition organized by the Embassy of France and have won ...
Much Loved French Novels for Intermediate Learners  07h30 16 juin
Are you an intermediate French learner looking for the perfect book to read? Here are several books to learn French quickly. Author Book Genre Summary Amélie Nothomb Stupeurs et tremblements ...
How to Guess the Gender of French Nouns Accurately  19h07 21 mai
Feminine or masculine, that is the question you often ask yourself as a French learner In French, there’s simply no way to know the gender of every single noun other ...
What is the difference between dans and en in French?  12h06 17 avril
Dans and en both mean in The distinction between the two does not translate well to English. Therefore, it is more useful to remember them for how they are used. ...