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Table Manners review - fun and frustrations of the dating game  07h00 14 février
Alysia Judge
PC; Echo Chamber Games Curve DigitalThese date-based dexterity tests offer a sharp commentary on modern romance ... but with all its maddening pitfallsTen minutes into my date with Taylor and I’ve spilled the champagne, smashed four glasses and slapped his cheek with uncooked lobster. The table is...
Super Sonic: creating the new sound of Sega’s hedgehog hit  13h30 13 février
Keith Stuart
J-pop veteran Masato Nakamura’s soundtrack for the original Sonic game was an instant classic. Tom Holkenborg on reimagining that bold music for the big-budget film versionIf you’re a video game player of a certain age, the words Green Hill Zone will immediately bring to mind not only a certain...
Grand Theft Auto mastermind Dan Houser leaves Rockstar Games  09h00 05 février
Keith Stuart
Co-writer of the multimillion-selling series to step down in March, leaving questions over long-awaited sixth instalmentDan Houser, a co-founder of Rockstar Games, is leaving his post in March, according to the developer’s parent company Take-Two Interactive. Houser was lead writer on the...
Home comforts: how The Sims let millennials live out a distant dream  07h00 05 février
Ben Sledge
Today’s young people are flocking to an egalitarian utopia where home ownership is available to all. There’s just one catch...One of the first decisions you make in The Sims is which house to buy. The 200m-selling life simulation series, which turns 20 this week, gives every player 20,000 simoleons...
And relax ... the joy of video games where you do almost nothing  14h03 03 février
Keith Stuart
More and more people are using games like quiet background experiences, requiring minimal attention while they sew, cook or studyIn the recently released game Coffee Talk, you play a coffee-shop barista who stands at a counter, through long, rainy Seattle nights, making drinks for customers as they...
The Sims at 20: two decades of life, love and reorganising the kitchen  09h03 31 janvier
Keza MacDonald
In The Sims, if you get a job, buy a house and earn more money then happiness will follow. It’s a beguiling capitalist fantasy Like many girls of my generation, I first played The Sims at a sleepover. It was at my friend Hannah’s house; three 11-year-olds huddled in front of her dad’s bulky old...