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Fraudulent Email Scam Targeting AdSense Publishers  03h57 18 février
Fraudsters are scamming Google AdSense publishers.
Your .com Could Cost You a Lot More if Proposals Are Adopted  04h15 12 février
Your .com could start to cost you a lot more over the next few years with a new agreement between ICANN and Verisign.
FTC Wants to Know About Acquisitions By Large Tech Companies   04h14 12 février
The FTC wants to know about acquisitions made by large tech companies, Alphabet Inc. (including Google), Amazon.com, Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook, Inc., and Microsoft Corp., that were small and went unnoticed, going back the last ten years.
Chrome 82 to Start Warning and Blocking Mixed Content Downloads   18h00 31 décembre
Google has said Chrome 82 will start blocking mixed content downloads to protect users from insecure files being downloaded from HTTPS sites.
Google Updates Chrome Ad Blocker For Fewer Intrusive Ads  05h02 06 février
Google has said it’s now going to show videos with fewer intrusive ads, as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads Better Ads Standards .
Google Updates and SERP Changes - February 2020  11h15 05 février
WebmasterWorld’s monthly look at Google’s SERPs changes.
Twitter Suspends Large Network of Fake Accounts  06h52 04 février
Twitter has suspended a large network of fake accounts that were abusing twitter’s API to find user accounts associated with phone numbers.
Alphabet Q4 Revenues 46 billion, Year End, 2019, 162 billion  06h27 04 février
Google Search alone generated 98.1 billion revenues in 2019, up 15% on 2018.
Google Ads: All Campaigns Now Using Standard Delivery  11h02 30 janvier
Google has said all ad campaigns will use Standard Delivery, and accelerated delivery will be switched to standard delivery in May 2020.
New Off-Facebook Activity Tool is Live For All Users  11h00 28 janvier
Facebook says it’s new Off-Facebook Activity tool is live for all users.
Featured Snippets Changed to One Entry in SERPs  11h11 23 janvier
The duplication of a featured snippet will now no longer be repeated in SERPs.
Google Sunsets Support for Data-Vocabulary  03h47 22 janvier
Google is sun-setting support for data vocabulary mark-up for rich results...
New Microsoft Edge 79 Browser Ready to Download  05h18 16 janvier
Microsoft has said the new Edge 79 Chromium browser is ready to download now.
Report: Microsoft Patch Tuesday to Fix Serious Security Vulnerability, Affects All Versions Windows  10h18 14 janvier
Microsoft’s first patch Tuesday of 2020 will fix a serious vulnerability which exists in all versions of Windows.
Update Picard - Google Main Algo Update  10h46 13 janvier
None of the analytics rank watchers have yet to go off in any meaningful way. Most assume the the first algo update of the year is to correct issues with the last update. Going all the way back to the Florida, Google often has a way of messing with the algo late in the year and correcting it in the...